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  1. Its from the movie "there is only one jimmy grimble" or something very similar to that.
  2. I just got a message form a friend who had driven from New York to attend the show. He watched Matt being carried away on a stretcher. Hopefully all is okay.
  3. jesusinc


    Gob and MGB were both opening for Moist. Saw them in Kitchener, t'was great.
  4. jesusinc


    Oh sonny no....no no no....I mean really...you really dont get it? You know....devil horns...pitch fork....satan on the T Shirt....the SIGN..... No fucking devil on rollerskates round these parts.
  5. So does Powderfinger, Oasis, Zuckerbaby, Coldplay, Matchbox 20, Moist and David Usher Therefore this guy has no credibility as having good musical tastes. Clearly, because yeah Matt Good is the only decent artist out there. Give me a break. While you at it be sure to check out Morning Orbit,If God Had Curves, Little Songs and Hallucinations by David Usher. I actually saw Matt for the first time opening for Moist, I may be a tad biased. But I mean really how many mp3's do you have on your computer? Matt good is what percentage of your music collection? Im curious?
  6. I hear picturize....could it be there are different copies of stuff floating around,.....could it be that he changed it up / forgot? ;)....but yeah I picturize.....and the master line...I always picture as you got a "masters degree" lying to yourself...kind of like you when through the motions vbecause it was expected....and well that fits with the other lines... but it could just be master lying to yourself....
  7. You are correct on both points. This disc is going to blow everyone away. The video for Rabbits (what I've seen of it) is going to be fucking amazing. And the acoustic part... some of the songs are unrecognizable. But in such a good way. I remember hearing it and sitting kinda open mouthed in awe of it. Probably drooling a bit. PTD specifically. My god, and I thought the original was good... Yowza. How have you seen/heard all this?!? ;) Dont ask. Just trust her. She knows her stuff....also it might have to do with hanging out with Matt not so long ago when she was in BC. One should never question the Umboula and remember,the Umboulas main diet consists of beets. Okay what am I going on about here?
  8. I figured it would have been posted, but I see its in the other thread somewhat buried. I guess if this is to repetitive a mod will take it down.
  9. Wow. http://chartattack.com/damn/2005/08/0410.cfm Loser anthems and Lo Fi and the acoustic tracks.... Sweet Crazyness. So is rabbits the animated video? Will it be cut and released as a single? Cause they would have to edit the crap out of it for radio / much.
  10. Thats exactly it....not the rain that worries me per-se....its the thunder storms...they seem to have moved on for now... Ill be sure to post an update one way or another on how things go....heres hoping that there is no real life recreation of the beautiful midnight cover.
  11. Still raining heavy....however not insane like it was before....but definatly what you would call heavy....the thunder and lightning seems to have moved off into the distance.... The question is at what point do they make the call? Their website looks like my dog did it, I get the feeling we would find out from Matt before we hear anything from the venue....
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