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    I love music, video games, and books
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    Yeah, the settlers laugh, You won't be laughing when your covered wagons crash! You won't be laughing when the buzzards drag your brother's flags into rags! You won't be laughing when your front lawn is spangled with epitaphs! You won't be laughing! And I'll hang my boots to rest when I'm impressed So I triple knot 'em and forgot 'em. This origami dream is beautiful, but man, those wings'll never leave the ground without a feather and a lottery ticket, Now settle down.
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    Rat who would be king
  1. I made the mistake of trying to beat the game on legendary from the start by myself... I got to mission 9 and then fizzeled out... but i can tell you i was probably like 20 some hours into it.
  2. The republicans get another shot at pissing on america. and my state elected a lehmen brothers consaltent as govener.
  3. Yup I have it pre-ordered and I am going to the midnight release... I enjoyed the beta for competitive online play quite a bit. It will be nice to be able to search for teams in firefight too.
  4. I don't remember where i got them but they came in a giant bag not a box and it had weird picture of a walrus on it. and they for sure wern't gourmet they were like the crap of the crap off brand.
  5. i voted champions of nothing but my favorite is Vermillion
  6. There were these ones i use to have as a kid that had yellow and it had this wicked watered down banana flavor there was also a blue one and what flavor that was i will never know... so i have to say the banana last time i bought a box with the green ones there were just one package in the whole box and i got stuf with bunch of grape which is my lest flavor
  7. I just got done playing gears of war 2 for 18 hours stright i am now a level 100.
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