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  1. I made the mistake of trying to beat the game on legendary from the start by myself... I got to mission 9 and then fizzeled out... but i can tell you i was probably like 20 some hours into it.
  2. The republicans get another shot at pissing on america. and my state elected a lehmen brothers consaltent as govener.
  3. Yup I have it pre-ordered and I am going to the midnight release... I enjoyed the beta for competitive online play quite a bit. It will be nice to be able to search for teams in firefight too.
  4. I don't remember where i got them but they came in a giant bag not a box and it had weird picture of a walrus on it. and they for sure wern't gourmet they were like the crap of the crap off brand.
  5. i voted champions of nothing but my favorite is Vermillion
  6. There were these ones i use to have as a kid that had yellow and it had this wicked watered down banana flavor there was also a blue one and what flavor that was i will never know... so i have to say the banana last time i bought a box with the green ones there were just one package in the whole box and i got stuf with bunch of grape which is my lest flavor
  7. I just got done playing gears of war 2 for 18 hours stright i am now a level 100.
  8. I only asked because i myself don't know what i think. i am kind of going through a weird relgious/ faith thing right now and wondered what others thoughts were.
  9. (i forgot i made this thread) wouldn't you miss having that job, spouse and kids? I agree with you though i would do it. hell i would do it just to end the suffering of a lot fewer then the world (mid-east peace is about the right number of people lol) But i would want people to know why i died and i would want a small paragraph in every history book ;)
  10. What are your thoughts on God?
  11. i saw Eclipse and it was better then the other two
  12. is that the one that is coming out for the wii? it's all dark and scary looking. I don't have a wii but that game does look pretty cool.
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