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  1. Yup! Haha. I insisted that it wasn't necessary, but who would pass up a free drink?
  2. Yeah, he sounded fantastic while it lasted... We really lucked out with our seats. We got there a bit after doors opened (thank you, Brooklyn traffic) and only saw seats in the back, but then discovered the 2 right by the stage (and made new Matt Good friends with the guys sitting next to us). Besides the bitch and the lack of encore, it was really an amazing night (I was the birthday girl that NLX mentioned a few times).
  3. That lady was a total spoilsport. Ugh... she really brought the whole thing down. You could tell he was rundown and not in the best mood, but he really was having a good go of it, joking around and playing some good songs (I think the gin and tonic thing was supposed to be a joke). I feel bad about it because I've seen him a bunch of times over the past few years and have never seen him get so annoyed with anyone. Usually he'll ignore a heckler, but she was front and center yelling odd things at him the whole show (something about his panties, if I recall, and then the "shut up and sing" comment...). In happier news, I was right up in front again, on the side of the stage. Took this video of "I'm a Window" for your viewing pleasure. I missed the first chorus because I wanted to finish my whiskey. ;)
  4. The NYC show was fantastic (despite the aforementioned technical issues. Highline usually has such good sound). I loved having him in my hometown and not somewhere that took me 6 hours to get to!! I was standing next to Gomo, actually (hi! Nice to formally meet ya), right in the front row. Here's one pic I took. If people want to see more, I can upload them, too. Very psyched for Philly tonight.
  5. Ryan was the best and will be so much better off without SuavePorn. No one likes to lose, but with a "prize" like fronting that band... I'm glad he didn't win!
  6. still trying to get into it. I'm seeing them next week (1st time this tour, 5th time overall, squeeee) and the tracks are only starting to hit me now. I'll probably love it as soon as I hear 'em live.
  7. I've know Ryan for a few years... he's a cool guy. It's kinda surreal seeing him on TV, though he's yet to show what he's made of (here's hoping he does tonight). Anyhee, he's my obvious fav. Magni and Toby are cool, though.. and if they want a chick, my guess is they'll pick Dilana. Zayra and Jill have got to GO!!
  8. deadstar


    Wow, that show was good. He was so funny in between songs, too... but the setlist was just amazing. I'm downloading the bootleg now. Rock it. I thought it was funny that he mentioned the last MGB show ever because I realized I was there. Sweet.
  9. I was totally underwhelmed by it... kind of expecting more from Sam Mendes than a 'look-at-me-I-made-an-anti-war-movie-and-I'm-so-clever-for-it' kind of thing.
  10. I love Stephen Colbert, but I think it's going to take a few shows before he hits his stride. The first week has thus far been highly entertaining, though.
  11. Amazing show, as everyone else has already said. I got to meet him again after and he was very nice (again). Now I need to find money so I can go to the show on Tuesday in Montreal.
  12. Some of my cousins live in San Antonio. I hope they're all right...
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