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  1. I guess I'm floating-M83 Slight Night Shiver-M83 Hard Knock Life-Jay-Z Girls-The Prodigy The Fragile-The String Quartet(NIN Cover)
  2. I'd like some good rock tunes that will get people pumped up and rowdy. I'd also like some stuff that people will want to groove to. So maybe some electronica or rap that gets your toes tapping.
  3. AC/DC is always good for partying and I really like drinking to Mylo. I'm not a big rap fan but I find it does a good job of pumping me up for a journey against a Texas Mickey.
  4. I'm going houseboating in a few days and I'm looking for suggestions for a great party cd. If you were to make a great party cd what songs would be on it?
  5. Still no Saskatoon tour date. It seems odd to go through Sask but not stop in. Maybe he couldn't get a venue for the right price etc?
  6. There hasn't been a Saskatoon date announced to the best of my knowledge. I'm assuming he'll be coming as he's going from Manitoba-Alberta. Anyone know any details about him not stopping in Sask?
  7. I saw it the other day with a couple of friends and was pleasantly surprised. I'd definitely recommend it to others.
  8. I have to be in a certain mood to listen to jazz. When I do listen I love to hear Charlie Parker.
  9. I've only listened to disc one a couple of times but from what I've heard...So far so good.
  10. Matt tops my list of living musicians. I bet Chopin was pretty wicked to listen to when he played though ;)
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