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  1. Jackass 3D, had its funny moments, its not worth the extra money to see in 3d tho.... stream it or wait for the DVD
  2. i think its a great CD, at first I thought they were gonna be a one hit summer wonder with Aint No Rest but after listening to it there is definitely potential for a lengthier career then i had first thought. My personal fav is In One Ear
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEsLPFcaqL8 Check This dude out and tell me your not impressed!
  4. Or a simpler thing you could do would just be buy the book ;) hahah but really its great i love it!
  5. Haha still was good enough to convince me to download the audio of it. It gives the song a different perspective and i think its eerily good
  6. With Sword & Shield - Kim Churchill (album) Great bluesy sound to it. The guy played at my frosh week this year and i was blown away, youtube search him and play the song "It's this system" the guy plays like 4 instruments at once! He's got some crazy talent going on and hes only like 19
  7. 1. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers 2. The Boy Come Home - Matthew Good 3. Castles Made Of Sand - Jimi Hendrix 4. White Sparrows - Billy Talent 5. Spirit Of Radio - Rush
  8. If you have facebook Just search matthew good and click like
  9. There's A Bunch Off the New Linkin Park CD for me Here's 2 from One song Called When They Come For Me Yeah, i am not a pattern to be followed the pill that i'm on is a tough one to swallow i'm not a criminal not a robano not a born leader i'm a tough act to follow And mum said money changes situations big said it increases the complication kane said don't stab, i ain't the one chuck said that Uzi weighs a mother fucking ton and i'm just a student of the game that they taught rocking every stage and every place that they brought me i'm often underrated and also cor
  10. I personally think that the "I Fucking Love That Song" at the end of Safer then a bank is pretty freaking awesome and funny
  11. Recently on 102.1 the edge toronto, there has been a track that is catching my attention, and its called Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons. I looked into them and if your interested in music with a strong emphasis on vocals (lead and group) and acoustic then you should check them out!
  12. Hey Guys! For those who dont know, if you "Like" Matt on facebook, there are updates all the time. Just recently he posted a 45 second clip of a drums recording session for the new Cold Harbour album. The great thing about Matt's facebook page is that he actually will respond to legitimate questions and likes to keep his fans up to date. So if you don't already "Like" him on facebook get on it! ;)
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