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  1. where have you been the last five years. most of his songs have bad grammar.
  2. well if the manager dude said so, then it has to be true.
  3. can I have your tickets then? ;) If it's rescheduled to after May 8th, I'll sell my ticket for face. If by ticket you mean ticketS, I may even take you up on that...i'd love to bring someone special with me no, it's none of you :angry: it goddamn well better be me. if you take dana i'm going to punch you in the face.
  4. SPOILER (Highlight to View) what are you twelve? you hated it before you'd even heard it. i don't even know why i justified your stupidity with a response.
  5. SPOILER (Highlight to View) maybe you just have really high standards since you've been listening to a lot of over produced garbage for so many years. hmmmm? put your claws away bitch, they're just demos. in fact i'd never used garageband before, so i was merely recording to get use to the interface.
  6. it's amazing how well that shoe fits given the fact you're all wearing it.
  7. i prefer saviour of rock, kthnkswlcm.
  8. no. that one was comparing me to jimmy fallon. idiot.
  9. you people are all really, really stupid. and not just because of this.
  10. i'd be interested in finding out who said yes. at this point, it might be better to just give you a tshirt and or a cd.
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