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  1. It is absolutly wild how time flys by. Almost 20 years since MGB started and three years since Geoff left us. RIP man. You are remembered.
  2. Live music is often expensive. It sucks but since many people don't actually pay for music, shows is where they get money back. I REALLY like the Arkells. They are at the point though where they need another good album or may fall into the abyss. I'm sure you can all think of some example. I saw the Arkells yesterday at Trafalgar Squre in London. They were excellent. Biggest issue was they opened and were folled by Jann Arden. Yeah, that Jann Aren. Don't know what they were thinking. The Sheep Dogs and The Hip finished. I missed Gord when he could still sing.
  3. For sure a difficult task to choose just one. Born to Kill is epic. Blue Skies is powerful and this it was recorded in one take is really cool. Going All The Way for its amazing bridge (dreams of the seas) GIANT for its awesome beginning Raygun for its underratedness.
  4. That is wild the similarity. I wonder if MG got some money from that one of if being given credit was enough. I think about Echos by Pink Floyd and Lloyd Webber's Phantom. Another example of a stolen riff, but never pursued.
  5. All interesting points but if we shrival in the face of one unionized front, others seem to follow suit (see: AirCanada). Can every crown corp get a raise? The average salary deems to be $40-60 000 per year? Is this not enough already? In Ontario we have people making $20+ per hour to sell alcohol. In Toronto ticket takers for the TTC also make $20+ to hand out tickets. I am just concerned if everyone keeps getting raises, it is not sustainable long term.
  6. I somewhat agree with you but the volume of post is only going to continue to shrink over the next decade. Especially as the older generations pass on. If a stance is not taken now when volume is at ~70% of its old capacity what will happen when it is 40% of capacity and you have more people working for the post than their is mail to deliver? They all get paid whether there is mail or not!
  7. So I was hoping to get some other thoughts on the Canada Post strike. I will admit I am a younger person who uses tech for pretty much everything and I only rely on on the post to send my rent cheques and get my ebay goods. My feeling is that in today's day we don't really need post five days per week? Do we really need to be giving people raises and huge pensions for delivering post? Could we not privatize the post and end this ridiculous strike? It's quite simple in my mind, less post = less revenue. The post office almost never made money. Today they make less. Why should ppl be paid more? Thoughts?
  8. Thanks Geoff for all your insights. RIP
  9. Does anyone know the details of MG new contract with universal music? Since they resigned him does that mean they will market him. IE radio promo, ads, videos???
  10. I bought my cd copy in "very french quebec" there were like 30 copies of it. weird
  11. I just bought it. side two is brilliant. Apparitions is bit overdone?
  12. thats a sweet guitar, fender you say? i like the figure 8 design
  13. Sarah Palin knows the bush doctrine, she just plays possum.
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