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  1. For a dumb American in Oregon, what is this A&B Sound Ditch and Lyle? How can one get tickets from the US? Thanks.
  2. yeah, there was just a small corner booth - some pins, shirts ($25) - not much.
  3. as an american, I have the same story as the orginal poster - heard it on Smallville - otherwise us poor USA folks would never hear of him.
  4. I was in the upper deck, 2 rows back - great view, pretty mild crowd though.
  5. for us newcomers, what is the history of the nf site? who made it/runs it? matt involved at all? any of the people running it know him or have any connection to him for music/video/info? or is it all just fans?
  6. How open are shows to use of cameras or video cameras? checked at door? checked in crowd? anyone really care if people are doing this?
  7. show of hands as to who will be at the vancouver show?
  8. catastrophe is one of my favorites - though I'm a newer fan and not as familiar with all the old tunes. in the US, we never see or hear the videos or singles anyways!
  9. yes, thanks for the info. I prefer when artists throw in about 65-70% classics, 30% new, since that is what most of us like.. oh well.
  10. dvedder


    where are these songs from?
  11. of course in the US we never hear or see anything about MG...
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