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  1. jer

    Mg Lyrics Tatoo

    how about "strange how you're not with me" across the shoulder blades
  2. My vote would go to "Ashes of American Flags" by Wilco, that would awesome.
  3. I think that he Junior B tier II and III are going back to the way they were in minor lacrosse. So you will play for the team in your area. eg. SE - Axemen, NE - Hornets, etc Junior B tier 1 and Junior A will be the same. I think the CMBLA is refunding the Registration fee but you have to re-register with the CDLA, contact Morris, or any of the other CMBLA executives for more info.
  4. The next four games are key. I hope they can make it.
  5. i'd have to agree with avalanche for an acoustic set, but with a band it has to be strange days, the echoes that they use for matt's vocals are awesome
  6. when does her new cd come out?
  7. I was watching MuchMusic when I was getting ready to go skiing in Kimberley. I think it was Feb. 98 or so, and Apparitions came on, I was hooked after that. I now own every album except for Lo-Fi B-Sides and I've seen 5 shows.
  8. all of the above are gooders, here are my two favourites "Hoping is out of style so look happy it's the end of the world" "Even at the end of the hallway, I still feel so far away"
  9. Whatever the last song was at that show it was amazing.
  10. There's a lot of good ones out there, but my favorites are Running for Home and The Rat Who Would be King.
  11. I'd have to say that Watch Your Money by the Waking Eyes is the worst song of 2004 thus far. It just shows how far a bad single can go in music today. The runner up would probably have to be The Killers - Somebody Told Me. What other bad songs are there for 2004?
  12. It's a good movie, I think Anchorman is better though.
  13. Action Pact sucked. Especially "Backstabbin". Could very well be one of the worst songs ever.
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