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  1. Are you kidding me? This is like being able to go back to elementary school with the knowledge of a 19 year old. Oh, the opporunities. EDIT: And please stay on topic.
  2. On a scale of one to ten. Ten being the intellectual, one being the low-life. Remember, it's all relative. In other words, if you're going to give Anton an 5 then we all pretty much get a 10 or more, perhaps.
  3. Read more carefully, oh wise one.
  4. Now, that I understand. Please, edit your previous post though.
  5. Say again? I realize that this guys soliloquey was 'fixed'. But it is still written poorly. Like I said, he needs a better thesaurus.
  6. WTF? Now I'm more convinced than ever.
  7. First of all, sighting that your posts are not as bad as others is not saying too much. No doubt, a majority of the people who so frequently post ramble like fools and most often just repeat what Matt has already said. Secondly, I have no problem with Nearfantastica. Alas, my only hatred is in the mindless zombies who are still allowed to voice their opinion here when, in fact, they should be casted away for their ignorance. Yet, I digress. Thirdly, I only wish to better the quality of posts at Matt's site and also to better represent this board. You see, my intentions are quite noble. I am merely offering you my help. Finally, I beg to differ that I am no better than anyone here. There are over 1000 members, a small minority of this number are truly good enough to post on this site. I am, of course, one of them.
  8. I said I'd think about it. Then I slowly realized that my life is empty without knowing that you lesser beings are here to be laughed at and mocked. So, therefore, I'm taking advantage of this opportunity. With that aside, I'm just wondering via this poll whether or not others are embarassed by your nonsense and stupidity. Maybe we can help you out with your comments or something. You can e-mail me what you want to say and I can make it not sound like some pathetic high-school love letter. PM me if you're interested. EDIT: Dan, before you go any further, might it be wise to read the details of the thread. Even though I find it unlikely that you haven't been able to figure out what this is about by reading the title.
  9. The point is, is that he misrepresents us. Anton, if you're going to post at Matt's site, say something insightful or something. I'm tired of your monotonous babbling.
  10. Maverick


    Quiet. You're irritating.
  11. I love reading his posts actually, so I voted "yes". The reason I thought people might disagree is because they're so simple and dull. Have you read his latest. Let me tell you, the only reason I admire them is because they're certainly good for a laugh (read his latest for details).
  12. Maverick


    I suggest not being such a coward and voicing whatever it was that you were going to say.
  13. How does that work? Videos that are awesome: Everything is Automatic Apparitions Indestructible Hello Time Bomb Load Me Up Strange Days Carmalina Anti-Pop The Future is X-Rated Weapon Videos that aren't so great: Alert Status Red Rico Videos I haven't seen: Alabama Motel Room Symbolistic White Walls Oh Be Joyful It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man So, even if those four "suck"... that's still not half. EDIT: Ashley Judd is a terrible actress as well as a filthy whore. Just thought I'd throw that in.
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