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  1. Say again? I realize that this guys soliloquey was 'fixed'. But it is still written poorly. Like I said, he needs a better thesaurus.
  2. Maverick


    Quiet. You're irritating.
  3. Maverick


    I suggest not being such a coward and voicing whatever it was that you were going to say.
  4. How does that work? Videos that are awesome: Everything is Automatic Apparitions Indestructible Hello Time Bomb Load Me Up Strange Days Carmalina Anti-Pop The Future is X-Rated Weapon Videos that aren't so great: Alert Status Red Rico Videos I haven't seen: Alabama Motel Room Symbolistic White Walls Oh Be Joyful It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man So, even if those four "suck"... that's still not half. EDIT: Ashley Judd is a terrible actress as well as a filthy whore. Just thought I'd throw that in.
  5. Fuck, one thing is for sure, whoever wrote thiat should buy a better thesaurus.
  6. I use to hate Alexisonfire as well, now I simply despise them. Guys got a great voice though...........
  7. I heard she manipulated him and was the mastermind herself. And why does she require our pity? Her sentence was a joke and it was called a "deal with the devil" for a reason. She's evil. Yeah, yeah, I know she's got all these restrictions now and all that shit. If I had it my way she'd be behind bars for life.
  8. Yeah, well, I miss new wave... OMGZ... LOLZ. Anyways, I'm wondering: Was this song supposed to be on the radio? P.S. ignore first part of post.
  9. Some should work, if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Ep. IV Ep. V Ep. VI Shawshank Redemption Good Will Hunting Gattica Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Terminator II: Judgement Day Platoon No particular order, but those 10 come to mind.
  11. Jack Pillow Head or something
  12. They're actually pretty effective, especially for minimizing theft and street crimes. As for stopping terrorists, that's a whole other matter, I suppose.
  13. Fearless has got the advantage insofar as the instrumentation is far better. The piano is key.
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