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  1. I some one would be so kind as to send me a copy of the lo-fi version of Born to Kill, it would be much appreciated. [email protected] As for Fated, the versions available elsewhere (like [email protected]) are the same except that at the end of the lo-fi version there is a bit of studio noise and you hear Matt cough, this was cut off of other versions.
  2. My favourite band is MGB, But the best band would either be Pink Floyd, U2 or Metallica (black era or before).
  3. I would definately recommend The Mars Volta if you like At The Drive-In. You may also like Sparta (maded by the other half of ATDI). I'd also recommend Sam Roberts, Pilate...
  4. /raises hand timidly I knew it was Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment.. heh. I downloaded it once out of curiousity and had to find out what it really was myself. Restasured, Matt had nothing at all to do with it, but LTE is still pretty good, they are a Dream Theatre side project.
  5. I got hello time bomb, I was hoping for strange days. ;)
  6. I don't know if I would call SDR emo, they are older than the label at least. But I've only heard a few songs by them. I don't think they are much like MG/B though personally.
  7. I've only heard their debut album, but I think it is amazing (just listened to it the other day too). ;)
  8. 1) Apparitions 2) Advertising on Police Cars 3) Weapon
  9. I just downloaded and am about to listen to Pony Boy.
  10. Yay! Thanks Blue_soda. I'm making that my new avatar. ;)
  11. Star Wars all the way. Then it would be a toss up between Back To The Future an Indiana Jones. But what's wrong with Die Hard? ;)
  12. I love movies. I've got about 170 DVDs and my collection is nowhere near "complete" (heh it never will be, it just keeps growing and growning....) Anyways I love movies of all different types and genres. I hate listing off favourites because I always feel I am leaving something out. But for favourite movie of all time I'd have to say Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope, if you need me to be more specific ;)).
  13. I decided to listen to BM today. Now I'm wondering why I passed over it a week ago. I think I was just sick of the over played songs like Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up. But I forgot just how amazing the last half of the album is. It's still my second favourite MGB album inbetween Audio Of Being (top) and Underdogs.
  14. I keep finding a file called Liquid Tension (not sure if that is supposed to be the song or the band) that is always advertised as extremely rare Matthew Good. It's an instrumental song and it doesn't sound stylistically like anything Matt has EVER done. It irkes me everytime I do a MG search and it pops up.
  15. Amazing video (I won't say the best video ever, but I love the message and that it actually exists at all). I was happy when I saw a blurb about it in the newspaper today. They said everything they used was donated and people worked for free. The only thing they need to pay money for was for the actual video film they recorded onto. The blurb said they paid $15,000 for it (not $15 like they say in the video) I hope that's a typo on the newspapers part, but if it isn't it's still not much compared to the $150,000 budgeted for the video.
  16. Do you mean Nine Days Late? Or is this a different band?
  17. Awesome. I'll have to look for that. Kid A is such a great album. First time I heard Kid A I was walking through the city at night on my way home buzzing on E (stupid dealer was late then the party was cancelled early grr - uh.. but I don't do that anymore, drugs are bad mmmkay?) Anyways it was just starting to kick in when everyone was kicked out. I had my discman with me but was sick of what I had in it at the time, so I begged my friend to lend me something (since she was kicking me out anyways) and she gave me Kid A. The music and the atmosphere as I walked home was amazing, everything was just perfect (though that was probably because of the drug ;)). I was worried that the next time I listed to it, it wouldn't be as good, but it was. It just is a phenominal album. Then there was the time I took mushrooms and sat in a forest for 2 hours with Treefingers on repeat... *cough* Yeah, that's enough out of me for now...
  18. Well, I'd have to agree those are all shitty bands. But I voted "other" because there has to be worse bands out there then those. Um... Hmm... Y'know, for the life of me I can't think of any...
  19. My friend caught them last year I think it was, he had a home made shirt that said "I (heart) Napster". He never got anywhere near the band but apparently a lot of the fans thought it was funny. ;)
  20. Specifically I'm looking for the Strange Days pic with the man with the gun to his head, but the Load Me Up pic with the forklift was kinda cool too.
  21. I can't wait to hear Bespin. I'm a pretty big SW-geek (despite what others may think of the movies, I like them), I used to have bunch of SW inspired songs on my harddrive but they got wiped out. ;)
  22. Hey look I got one too! (but this truly is a pointless post so I'm not going to do this again in case I get in trouble for it ;))
  23. Sorry for the necropost, but I didn't think this needed it's own thread, but I figured people might like to hear it: I downloaded a copy of Fated that I feel fairly confident is actually from Lo-fi B-sides. The version on Much @ Edgefest (which is a compilation CD, not a live CD) seems to be exactly the same except that it doesn't feature the cough and studio noise audible at the end of the Lo-fi B-sides version.
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