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  1. I'm exploding on the inside, but it's not coming across in my writing....lol
  2. Great, great news. Now, if we can only get a concert DVD...
  3. I can't list 10, but these three make the list hands down of course: Woodstock '69; Elvis's comeback special; The Beatles enter the US (first Sullivan appearance)
  4. I've never even come close to experiencing what I did when I saw U2 in the post 9/11 October Montreal show. Wow, what an amazing show and I doubt I'll ever see a better show than that. Any AC/DC show is a must as well...
  5. Sum 41's "Chuck" was named after a U.N. worker who helped the band out of the Congo when a war or a battle broke out there. They were there filming something for "War Child" when the war or a battle broke out getting the band caught in the crossfire. I wouldn't be surprised if they used that for inspiration somewhat instead... You're right: the album was named after Chuck, the UN worker, but the album is partially influenced by the War in Iraq as well: Chuck
  6. What's wrong with inspiration? As much as I disagree with the US invading Iraq, you have to admit that even the war has 'influenced' a lot of artists right now (Matt, U2, Green Day, Sum 41, Eminem, etc...).
  7. It's like the original Beatles getting back together: ain't gonna happen...
  8. lol, i like it too man, i was just saying tht most people ive talked to don't like it and i can't believe that they would say Heaten Chemistry was a disappointment!! It's a great album! Because people compare their albums to their first two, not realizing those were some of the best selling UK albums of all time.
  9. Matt's website has vital signs...
  10. I'm one to avoid discussing the meaning of songs because I think that they mean something different to everyone, so I won't participate in this thread. Whoops...
  11. That's cool. Well, if you love the first two albums, I think you'd like Heathen Chemistry (except for tracks 7-9, which aren't great).
  12. They probably don't like it because it's one of the most poorly produced albums I've ever heard (but the songs are great). And, they were on bags of coke while doing the album as well...
  13. With all due respect, 2 things: you're obviously not a fan of 'Ghetto' (which is okay); and, with all those songs, aren't you better off buying the actual albums instead??
  14. Have some class, dude. I would simply push mine out of the way........lol
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