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  1. I thought that at first...it definately has the feel of the Avalanche album. Very keen for the album release now.
  2. Pearl Jam is a great album in whole. The artwork is neat aswell. Didn't expect the inside artwork to be like it is.
  3. I gave this album one listen, and i think that'll be it. I'd prefer to enjoy one of there first three albums.
  4. haha. Just go and buy the new album peoples.
  5. Vicarious, after couple a couple of listens is so-so. After a dozen listens is fucking awesome. Then once you hear 'Jambi', 'The Pot', 'Rosetta Stoned' and 'Right in Two' you'll blow your load!
  6. Awesomeology..haha i love it. Vicarious gets better the more you listen to it!
  7. Heavy Metal Drummer - Wilco People Everyday - Arrested Development
  8. I have a feeling the cover could be holographic.
  9. Sketches... is worth the entry fee just for Morning Theft, Vancouver and Havn't You Heard alone!
  10. The White Stripes wern't that impressive. We missed about the first 20 minutes of the set. But apparently they started 10 minutes late due to Iggy Pop running overtime. Then they finished about 12 minutes early. Didn't get to hear much from the new album which was dissapointing. The Mars Volta and Sleater-Kinney were easily the best of the 06' BDO.
  11. One Trick Pony, I keep staring at your avatar.
  12. Melbourne Big Day Out 2006 The Mars Volta Sleater-Kinney White Stripes Franz Ferdinand Kings of Leon Wolfmother Cog The Subways Henry Rollins (Spoken Word)
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