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  1. I had no idea this existed, very cool! I love the Audio of Being artwork and really like how that was incorporated here (great scans Chad too).
  2. I attended the Amex live session this evening as a friend offered me his ticket to join in, so here's a run down of what happened. It was quick with four songs and a few Q&A's thrown in. MG comment: Attendees can vote for the closing song: Born Losers, Strange Days, Beauty Song 1: Load Me Up Q: Most memorable concert you played? A: The Who Song 2: Hello Time Bomb MG comment: Acoustic rendition of HTB created during encore after a fan request and it stuck. Second guess song is working out every time it's played. Song 3: Apparitions Q: Expand on th
  3. Yes, it was the one and only upload I have made to archive.org. Here you go: https://archive.org/details/tsp2018-09-09.aud.ca14c.flac16.
  4. Thank you for putting this together so quickly. You're right, the video raised more questions than answers and I'm thrilled to get this kind of insight on the process leading up to LOTGA. It's incredible you have your original notes and paperwork from that time too. Is this common for professions in your field to hold on to it for decades or was it for sentimental reasons? The track list of what was recorded (A List, B List, To Be Completed) for LOTGA was a bit bittersweet as songs from the Lost Album were prepped for LOTGA but never made the cut (reference: timestamp 6:41/8:07
  5. This is incredible, thanks for stopping by and offering to share stories and experiences you have. Like all previous posters said this is content we are all interested in and would be happy to relive this time through anything you can offer.
  6. Sort of related but there hasn't been anything available for preorder either and a month lead seems the norm. I looked through my order history of albums and there is usually something in advance (CD, vinyl and a potential that some albums were autographed). "Something Like a Storm" was released in October and preorder was in September "Chaotic Neutral" was released in October and preorder was in August "Arrows of Desire" was released in September and I don't think there was a preorder (my order was for the same day as the album was released) "Lights of Endangered
  7. A few days too early it seems, VIP tickets will go on sale along with the public on-sale.
  8. I attended the show with PlasticSoldier and was really impressed with this being a festival performance. At these shows I expect the singles/bit hits but how they were put in to the set and surrounded by other non singles was great. The band played for over 90 minutes (went on at 10:30PM), it was overcast, windy and cold but that didn't deter them as they put on a solid set. When you realize this is the first band performance of the year you would expect there to be some rust but it didn't come up. MG may have missed a lyric or two but we're probably all a bit fatigued when coming bac
  9. It's wonderful that decades can go by and it's still possible to unearth a treasure like this. The amount of effort to obtain this from the Lloyd family and digitize it is no small feat and a gigantic thank you to everyone involved. This is a gem for all of us, and as MG said in the "Sharks of Downtown" video, he created classic rock of the future and here we are.
  10. It's been a month and MG is winding down his tour on the run back through the West. Of the Alberta shows I attended the Edmonton (March 20) one at Starlite Room was the one I anticipated the least. Starlite Room is a GA venue geared towards loud shows and after hearing pin drop quiet rooms in St. Albert, Camrose or Ft. Saskatchewan I worried that there were be "woo" birds, drink/bar noise and talking throughout. Thankfully it was quieter than I expected but still noisier than I would have liked. The evening started with the VIP Experience (at 6PM when doors were at 8PM, so a quick tu
  11. Thanks, I don't intend to write much but I begin listening back to the show, have a drink and then the inspiration comes through. After the show last night my friend commented he was glad to see the three we did (St. Albert, Camrose, Fort Sask) as each one was so different and the theatre venue was perfect. I regret not adding in another show (eg: Airdrie or Red Deer) to the mix but these three shows have been special in their own right. The editing of last nights performance is completed and links are available in The Lounge and song sample for "Hello Time Bomb" (told ya, I'm coming
  12. Back from the February 22 Ft. Saskatchewan show (https://www.instagram.com/p/BuNki4Bgvsb/) and it was different than the previous shows in all the right ways. Right off the bat MG mentioned he woke up with no voice and he did his best to get himself ready for the show. He promised to make the most of it and the crowd gave him a big applause in support of this. There were more breaks between songs, quicker consumption of his gin drink, random tangents and it felt like the night could go anywhere. What does Everything Is Automatic or The Future Is X-Rated sound like on acoustic? W
  13. Totally agreed, there is a beauty to the performances from night to night that can't be easily explained to a casual observer or someone who hasn't experienced it first hand. With a 90 minute set and 16 performances completed you'd think each show would be similar but it couldn't be further from the truth and my excitement level for tomorrow (Ft. Saskatchewan) is very high. Yes! Los Alamos can simply be described as haunting on acoustic. Listening back I think this was my highlight of the night. I considered making Los Alamos my song sample from February 20 but opted for Change of
  14. Back home from Camrose (Feb 20) which marked my second show on the tour where Feb 15 St. Albert was the first. There were six different songs between the two sets and still a handful that were played at in between shows in Grande Prairie or Medicine Hat that could have made it out. When 16 songs are played each night and six can be different from one show to the next is simply impressive. The St. Albert Blue Skies > Symbolistic was an incredible transition but tonight in Camrose going from Tripoli > Los Alamos was superb. I was hoping to hear some material from the new album a
  15. Big grin! My friend and I were bouncing in our seats when we realized what song it was, although the "haven't played this song in years" helped as a hint . If you head over to The Lounge there will be a few posts I made. First off I completed editing Rhu8ar8Pi3's February 13 Airdrie show and have download links available and I also finished editing my February 15 St. Albert recording. To give you a sneak peek of the recording here is "Fated" from St. Albert: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/matthew-good-fated-february-15.
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