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  1. Thank you for putting this together so quickly. You're right, the video raised more questions than answers and I'm thrilled to get this kind of insight on the process leading up to LOTGA. It's incredible you have your original notes and paperwork from that time too. Is this common for professions in your field to hold on to it for decades or was it for sentimental reasons? The track list of what was recorded (A List, B List, To Be Completed) for LOTGA was a bit bittersweet as songs from the Lost Album were prepped for LOTGA but never made the cut (reference: timestamp 6:41/8:07). So many questions about what could have been, where the songs ended up but mostly "what if" questions. I imagine every MGB fan who watches this video will be equally surprised to learn of The Lost Album. Even after being a fan for 20+ years it's amazing that new details can still come to light. From the 23 song titles listed (again at 6:41/8:07 of the video) there are some that made the final cut but weren't listed at all (to name a few: Alabama Motel Room, Symbolistic White Walls, Radio Bomb), can you comment on that? Were some songs renamed or were there additional songs recorded beyond what is listed there?
  2. This is incredible, thanks for stopping by and offering to share stories and experiences you have. Like all previous posters said this is content we are all interested in and would be happy to relive this time through anything you can offer.
  3. Sort of related but there hasn't been anything available for preorder either and a month lead seems the norm. I looked through my order history of albums and there is usually something in advance (CD, vinyl and a potential that some albums were autographed). "Something Like a Storm" was released in October and preorder was in September "Chaotic Neutral" was released in October and preorder was in August "Arrows of Desire" was released in September and I don't think there was a preorder (my order was for the same day as the album was released) "Lights of Endangered Species" was released May and preorder was March (vinyl was available in May)
  4. A few days too early it seems, VIP tickets will go on sale along with the public on-sale.
  5. I attended the show with PlasticSoldier and was really impressed with this being a festival performance. At these shows I expect the singles/bit hits but how they were put in to the set and surrounded by other non singles was great. The band played for over 90 minutes (went on at 10:30PM), it was overcast, windy and cold but that didn't deter them as they put on a solid set. When you realize this is the first band performance of the year you would expect there to be some rust but it didn't come up. MG may have missed a lyric or two but we're probably all a bit fatigued when coming back from vacation :). MG also removed his shoes during the encore because he got a blister, perhaps the Italian footwear needs a little more break in time. The Beautiful Midnight Revisited tour did exactly what I wanted as I wished to get b-sides in to the main set and with Boy And His Machine Gun and Born to Kill making an appearance I was a happy camper (I also love Future is X-Rated, but it's slightly more common than the others). As Rhu8ar8Pi3 mentioned the Let's Get It On inclusion was a pleasant surprise and I also questioned myself if I heard the opening chords correctly too. I really enjoy how this song was re-recorded and it is a thrill to hear live. Adam_777 will appreciate this...MG referenced playing the ending of In a World Called Catastrophe across a highway. And that was it. He acknowledged the song but didn't play it. Maybe next time. Unless NonPopulus surprised us and attended the show I don't think there will be a multi-source edit of the show so I went ahead and tracked mine out. You can check out a song sample here: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/matthew-good-decades-june-21-2019.
  6. gursky

    MGB Footage

    It's wonderful that decades can go by and it's still possible to unearth a treasure like this. The amount of effort to obtain this from the Lloyd family and digitize it is no small feat and a gigantic thank you to everyone involved. This is a gem for all of us, and as MG said in the "Sharks of Downtown" video, he created classic rock of the future and here we are.
  7. It's been a month and MG is winding down his tour on the run back through the West. Of the Alberta shows I attended the Edmonton (March 20) one at Starlite Room was the one I anticipated the least. Starlite Room is a GA venue geared towards loud shows and after hearing pin drop quiet rooms in St. Albert, Camrose or Ft. Saskatchewan I worried that there were be "woo" birds, drink/bar noise and talking throughout. Thankfully it was quieter than I expected but still noisier than I would have liked. The evening started with the VIP Experience (at 6PM when doors were at 8PM, so a quick turnaround). MG played Selling You My Heart, Men at the Door and Hopeless. I've refrained from hearing any of the "new" songs and it was great to finally hear this in person; Men at the Door was excellent and Hopeless had a fun upbeat sound to it. During the Q&A I asked about the lack of a proper Something Like a Storm headlining tour and MG acknowledged that it didn't get one but he does play what he likes from the record and admits that there are some he can't play solo. As the album was recorded in two stages and this affects how he looks back on the record. With the new album being mostly acoustic the supporting tour may not see much more than we already have from the album. MG took the stage at 10PM and played for about an 1h40m, I'll have to check the runtime (late night, short sleep, more on that later), but the setlist had 17 songs and So Long Mrs. Smith was more than a snippet, and may have been the highlight for me. MG also served up a few verses of Tangled Up in Blue (Dylan) before Load Me Up, so there was good reason for a slightly longer runtime. The "new to me" songs were Selling You My Heart, Men At the Door, So Long Mrs. Smith and Avalanche; and for being my fourth show to still get a quarter of the setlist that is fresh is stunning. Avalanche was thrown in to the final spot in place of Blue Skies and I don't think anyone complained about that. A song that's typically in the opener spot fits in quite well as a closer. For a long few months of touring I was worried that illness would haunt MG at every show but he was in good spirits, seemed relaxed during the VIP Experience and had some nice song banter in the main set. The crowd was mostly respectful and quiet...or as much as you can be in a bar. There was talking, there was the sound of coins clinking in a glass, but there were also people "shushing" others so the majority tried to be quiet. Unfortunately it doesn't take much crowd noise to ruin a haunting performance of Los Alamos or lessen the impact of Fated. Like I said at the start, it was better than I expected (I was bracing for Grande Prairie and constant talking) but unfortunate that there was distracting noises all the same. The crowd was in to the Load Me Up challenge and failed on the second verse but they still wanted to sing along anyway. The one benefit of playing in a bar is that the crowd seems more conducive to sing alongs so it was probably the best crowd interaction of the Alberta shows I saw...even if they went 0/4 in the game. Despite a late start for the show PlasticSoldier, NonPopulus and my other friend went to have a post-show chat at a nearby bar. We were kicked out of there at 1AM and with a 5AM wake up I didn't have a chance to do any playback of my recording, start editing or call out a special moment or two from the night. Prior to MG taking the stage I noticed I had about 2h left of storage space on my recording device and in my haste I was purging older files and deleted the VIP Experience recording before I even had a chance to play it back or offload it. This was pretty crushing as it appears that the VIP Experience is my Kryptonite as I had a technical problem at the Calgary 2017 one so I guess I have to try a third time to see if I can correct my wrongs. Look for a song sample from the Edmonton show later this weekend (I am heading to Banff tonight but should have a chance to edit material) and possibly other musings that come to me while listening back to the show.
  8. Thanks, I don't intend to write much but I begin listening back to the show, have a drink and then the inspiration comes through. After the show last night my friend commented he was glad to see the three we did (St. Albert, Camrose, Fort Sask) as each one was so different and the theatre venue was perfect. I regret not adding in another show (eg: Airdrie or Red Deer) to the mix but these three shows have been special in their own right. The editing of last nights performance is completed and links are available in The Lounge and song sample for "Hello Time Bomb" (told ya, I'm coming around to this rendition!) on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/matthew-good-hello-time-bomb-february-22-2019.
  9. Back from the February 22 Ft. Saskatchewan show (https://www.instagram.com/p/BuNki4Bgvsb/) and it was different than the previous shows in all the right ways. Right off the bat MG mentioned he woke up with no voice and he did his best to get himself ready for the show. He promised to make the most of it and the crowd gave him a big applause in support of this. There were more breaks between songs, quicker consumption of his gin drink, random tangents and it felt like the night could go anywhere. What does Everything Is Automatic or The Future Is X-Rated sound like on acoustic? We got a sample of each, one was more a demonstration of how a rock song can't be simply played on acoustic (X-Rated) and the other (Automatic) actually had MG play a few chords and teased the audience that it could happen (20 seconds worth!). That was then followed by some more noodling of Everything Is Automatic and he mentioned he'd "maybe try to work on that for ya" - it was definitely working and whichever city hears it first will be honored. You wouldn't have known MG was performing sick, a miss or two on some vocals but he didn't let his illness slow him down. With the breaks between songs I was hopeful we'd get an extended performance and it felt like it was was going to happen. He came to the encore and mentioned he's switching things up, wasn't sure which guitar to use and after playing How It Goes (wow!) it seemed like he wanted to keep going but had to stop. NonPopulus grabbed the setlist at the sound booth so he can say what was the original plan but I think we were on the verge of getting a special treat but timed out. I understand the appearance of some big singles (Load Me Up, Apparitions and Hello Time Bomb) and I usually gloss over them in the show but Hello Time Bomb stands out as a highlight each time I hear it and I'm surprised by how much I enjoy it. Listening to the Medicine Hat show MG mentioned he's fallen out of love with the 12 string guitar but it made multiple appearances tonight and didn't seem to be out of favour in any way and made multiple appearances. What else is there to say? The encore treated us with I'm a Window (which had a false start), Alert Status Red and How It Goes - it was as great as you can imagine. Throw in Los Alamos, my rediscovered classic and set favorite in Fearless and this show was excellent. Best of the three I have seen? Maybe. As much as I wanted to hear Blue Skies or Symbolistic White Walls again I am grateful to have heard it and that makes the February 15 St. Albert performance special in its own right. And yet after three shows songs like Men at the Door, Selling You My Heart, Radicals or Boy And His Machine Gun have eluded me and that's the fun of a show where any song could appear or disappear. There were some moments from tonight that I'll remember among my decades of seeing MG/B perform. This tour is less than a month old and still throwing out surprises so those that are lucky to see it on future dates are in for a treat. In addition to talking with NonPopulus my friend and I were able to spend some time with PlasticSoldier, and as we took our seats before the main MG set we sat beside Stephanie (not sure if she's a member here) in the upper balcony who has waited in line with us for hours going back to the early 2000's. The familiar handles and new faces I've come across on this tour makes the Solo Acoustic even more memorable than it already is. Tonight was great and listening back to the recording I can confirm it's a solid capture, so I'll edit that down (perhaps with what NonPopulus captured) and share in The Lounge in the coming days.
  10. Totally agreed, there is a beauty to the performances from night to night that can't be easily explained to a casual observer or someone who hasn't experienced it first hand. With a 90 minute set and 16 performances completed you'd think each show would be similar but it couldn't be further from the truth and my excitement level for tomorrow (Ft. Saskatchewan) is very high. Yes! Los Alamos can simply be described as haunting on acoustic. Listening back I think this was my highlight of the night. I considered making Los Alamos my song sample from February 20 but opted for Change of Season, which is a really beautiful closer: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/matthew-good-change-of-season-february-20-2019. I have posted the rest of the show in The Lounge so head over there to get the latest.
  11. Back home from Camrose (Feb 20) which marked my second show on the tour where Feb 15 St. Albert was the first. There were six different songs between the two sets and still a handful that were played at in between shows in Grande Prairie or Medicine Hat that could have made it out. When 16 songs are played each night and six can be different from one show to the next is simply impressive. The St. Albert Blue Skies > Symbolistic was an incredible transition but tonight in Camrose going from Tripoli > Los Alamos was superb. I was hoping to hear some material from the new album and was pleasantly surprised. The crowd in Camrose was a bit more active and the upper level (where I was) had some enthusiastic fans and some were doing their part to yell down to the stage. I couldn't understand their enthusiasm for some songs but not others (cheer for Fated but silent for Tripoli or Rabbits?). Compared to St. Albert the show tonight felt like rowdy, in the most sophisticated and seated way possible. Two shows, two different setlists and two different performances. Thankfully the next show is just a stones throw away and I'm even more excited for it now than I was last week. I did record the show so look for a song sample and download links in The Lounge to be posted in a day or two.
  12. Big grin! My friend and I were bouncing in our seats when we realized what song it was, although the "haven't played this song in years" helped as a hint . If you head over to The Lounge there will be a few posts I made. First off I completed editing Rhu8ar8Pi3's February 13 Airdrie show and have download links available and I also finished editing my February 15 St. Albert recording. To give you a sneak peek of the recording here is "Fated" from St. Albert: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/matthew-good-fated-february-15.
  13. I don't intend on this being a full review but I'm pretty excited and may ramble more than a sentence or two recap. To summarize my thoughts on this show take a look at the attached screenshot of text message I sent adam_777. Yeah, Blue Skies Over Badlands happened and it took the show to another level. I snooped on setlists for the last two weeks. I did my best to avoid hearing the songs but I still essentially spoiled myself before Christmas. However, knowing what was under the tree doesn't compare to being there when the show unfolds in person. The set had the usual appearances of Load Me Up, Time Bomb, Apparitions but mixing in Fearless, Empty Road, Fated and Change of Season made the main set feel like a present to fans. MG encouraged the audience to sing along with the chorus on Load Me Up and there were some interesting adjustments to Time Bomb that breathed new life in to these staples. It's impossible to pick a favorite moment from the night. The crowd interaction was casual, he spoke about his incident last March, was talking off stage to his crew. It seemed very relaxed and several times the entire audience was laughing along. The show never had a lull and it felt like the audience was waiting for the first few words of a song to know where we were going next. However, the highlight for came in the encore (as evident in my text to Adam). These three songs took the show to another level. Looking at the original set list (asked the Aussie Simon for it and this was my very first set list...makes show #34 special) and the original plan was Strange Days > Blue Skies > Symbolistic, instead we got Blue Skies > Symbolistic > Alert Status Red. On the surface this feels like a minor change but the song he collapsed during last March was Alert Status Red so I feel there was some vindication tonight by playing it as the final song of the night and he stuck the landing. Plus, Blue Skies going in to Symbolistic White Walls...wow! WOW! WOW! After the Poesy set PlasticSoldier, Rhu8ar8Pi3, adam_777 and I all met and did a little 'how do you do'. We have such a niche community here that it's great we can get together and have a little meet up. I know NonPopulus was in attendance too but we weren't able to connect so I will try and cross paths with him next week. As is tradition, I recorded the show and listening back I have to say it sounds amazing. I will edit it tomorrow, post a sample in this thread and the rest will be shared in The Lounge. I feel very fortunate to have the chance to see two more shows next week and then on MG's return in March because if tonight is any indication then these shows are a treasure.
  14. This is a fear I didn't realize I had. I've flown to a few concerts and have considered flying day of but was more worried about delays or getting to the venue on time, I never considered the potential to confuse AM and PM. It's great you will still be able to make the show and hopefully it's extra special to take some of that financial sting off.
  15. Whoa! I thought this song was put in the vault and never to return so this is kind of a big deal for me. I still go back to recordings from the WLRRR tour and seek out this song specifically so the fact it's even being considered for a return is amazing. There are so many favorites, deep cuts and "haven't played in decades" songs being played or soundchecked in the last few weeks that I should have taken a page from NonPopulus and did a bit of a road trip through the province to increase my chances of hearing them all.
  16. Yup, that was last night and it was pretty amazing. I can see some people may be put off by the "no cellphone" policy but it was really refreshing. Once inside the wait was a bit slow but it's a good trade off to not have bright screens everywhere. To me Jack White will always be White Stripes and I enjoy his solo work but my preference is always to go back to "the old days" with Jack. Even with tightened security I still recorded and have finished tracking out the show. If any are curious here are some links you can use: Song sample of "Offend in Every Way" on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/jack-white-offend-in-every-way-november-2-2018 MP3's (CRB 256kbps) created from the original WAV files on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/selb93g0wm4svuk/jw.20181102.ca14c.mp3.zip?dl=0 Lossless (FLAC) torrent on Traders Den: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?p=2656023 Lossless (FLAC) file on WeTransfer (auto deletes in 7 days): https://wetransfer.com/downloads/71ebee33597de3eea91cb8c7eb7fb0b420181103123325/c281641c2ca7b9c5c975e07c398f243920181103123325/8999d9
  17. Looks like Chad couldn't make the rescheduled Foo Fighters date but I did. I didn't have tickets to the original sold out date in September and was diligent and monitored Kijiji for the last month looking for a reasonably priced floor ticket to show up and I found one. I haven't seen the Foo Fighters since the late 90's (Edgefest) and in two decades they haven't slowed down a single bit. Looking at setlist.fm prior to the show I was disappointed they were only doing 21-22 songs but what was missing from that is that their set clocked in at nearly three hours. Last night it was 2h50m and it was common to have some songs go for double or triple their runtime (Pretender was 12 minutes, Best of You was 11). I also liked that their encore wasn't a quick "off and on" either. They were off stage for over 7 minutes and it was close to 10 minutes before they played again. As Dave was running around, getting all areas of the arena in to the show I kept thinking how they are the definition of "entertainers". It wouldn't be a concert rundown without some links, so for those curious I have a song sample on SoundCloud and the full show has been posted on Dimeadozen: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/foo-fighters-all-my-life-october-22-2018 Dimeadozen: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=633522 Next up for me is Jack White in November (saw the White Stripes five [seven if you include attending two secret shows in 2007] times in 2005-2007) but first time seeing Jack as a solo artist so I'm pretty excited for that.
  18. gursky

    AC Tour Info

    Excited to have the full tour announced and see what the gaps were from the shows that were discovered earlier this summer. Even though I'm sticking to shows in the capital region I feel pretty fortunate that there are 10 stops in Alberta for this tour. I have a question about the March 20 Edmonton show and the venue. Since the tour announcement I've noticed references to another venue (Myer Horowitz - seated venue) as opposed to the one where the show is happening (Starlite Room - GA). I've attached a few images to show this discrepancy. Was there a last minute venue change for Edmonton or simply placeholder text used? I realize the logistics of planning a West > East > West Canadian tour with 35 shows can pose a few headaches when trying to determine where to play and when and maybe this is a peek behind the curtain on what may be involved in that process. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the tour and all the excitement that comes with it.
  19. Shows announced on MG's website: http://www.matthewgood.org/shows/. 35 shows starts in the West, head East and then return West to finish the tour off about two months later - wow! JAN 31 - SIDNEY, BC FEB 1 - NORTH VANCOUVER, BC FEB 3 - SURREY, BC FEB 4 - CAMPBELL RIVER, BC FEB 5 - VICTORIA, BC FEB 7 - NANAIMO, BC FEB 8 - DUNCAN, BC FEB 10 - LAKE COUNTRY, BC FEB 11 - NELSON, BC FEB 13 - AIRDRIE, AB FEB 14 - RED DEER, AB FEB 15 - ST ALBERT, AB FEB 16 - GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB FEB 18 - SASKATOON, SK FEB 19 - MEDICINE HAT, AB FEB 20 - CAMROSE, AB FEB 22 - FORT SASKATCHEWAN, AB FEB 23 - LLOYDMINSTER, AB FEB 24 - REGINA, SK FEB 27 - SARNIA, ON FEB 28 - BRAMPTON, ON MAR 2 - OTTAWA, ON MAR 3 - NORTH BAY, ON MAR 5 - LONDON, ON MAR 7 - BRANTFORD, ON MAR 8 - MILTON, ON MAR 9 - RICHMOND HILL, ON MAR 10 - KINGSTON, ON MAR 12 - BURNSTON, ON MAR 14 - TORONTO, ON MAR 15 - MONTREAL, QC MAR 18 - WINNIPEG, MB MAR 20 - EDMONTON, AB MAR 21 - CALGARY, AB MAR 23 - VANCOUVER, BC There appears to be a VIP package for some (perhaps all) shows:
  20. Here you go, show announcement for Campbell River! MG will play Monday February 4 at the Tidemark Theater. Ticket cost is $43 (+applicable taxes and fees) and they go on sale Friday, September 21 at 10AM (assume PST?). Here is the page with the show announcement, which also has some potential artwork for the tour: http://tidemarktheatre.com/event/matthew-good-2/.
  21. I saw their Edmonton show last night (final stop on the North American tour). I've never seen the Pumpkins live before and a 30+ song set that lasted for over 3 hours is quite the introduction! I may not have appreciated some of the songs played but it was a fun show and I definitely got my monies worth. I recorded the show and if anyone is interested you can find the full concert on Dimeadozen and also have a song sample below. SoundCloud (song sample for "Zero"): https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/the-smashing-pumpkins-zero-september-9-2018 Dimeadozen (full concert): http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=630380
  22. Tickets for February 15 (Arden Theatre in St. Albert) went on sale this morning. They used the "find seats for me" method which meant a lot of release/search again cycles, searching on multiple devices, etc. until I found something I liked. I prefer the "choose your seat" method but all of the Arden Theatre shows for the 2018-19 season went on sale today so they may have used this approach until the initial surge is over. I was hoping for a seat lower down (15 rows in total in the venue) but they were too close to the edge and not in the middle. In the end I found seats in the back row, which if I can't be on a balcony is probably the next best place to capture the show. We'll see what the 2019 announcement looks like but I'm pretty content with how this one week looks: Friday February 15 - St. Albert Wednesday February 20 - Camrose Friday February 22 - Fort Saskatchewan Camrose appears to be 2/3 full (back three rows on the main and some rows in balcony) and Fort Saskatchewan is 3/4 full (main is mostly occupied and only seats remain in the balcony). Curious to see is St. Albert will sell faster because it's had more of a formal announcement than the other two. EDIT: Two hours after they went on-sale there are only EIGHT tickets left for St. Albert...damn!
  23. Found some more information on the February 15 Arden Theatre (St. Albert) show... Their 2018-2019 brochure is available here (https://stalbert.ca/uploads/PDF-infosheets/Arden-SeasonBrochure-2018-19-FINAL-WEB.pdf, page 28) and does confirm what NonPopulus shared earlier, so good news! The 2018-2019 season won't be formally announced until July 18 and don't imagine the Arden Theatre will show anything until that time. According to the brochure tickets are $40 and will go on sale Monday August 10 at 10AM. The good news with a long wait for the on sale date is that other Edmonton area shows may be uncovered by then and give us a better idea of how that time between St. Albert > Camrose > Ft. Saskatchewan is going to be used.
  24. What an awesome find! I have been refreshing all Arden Theatre sites/social media I could find in hopes of learning more about the February date and you find it through a marketing source. I wonder then if their June 6 tweet about their final artist being "a biggie" is referring to MG as well. With no other information on the show I expect this concert won't have specifics until the Arden Theatre posts their 2018-2019 performance series on July 18. I can't really say no to going to this show but hope we learn what may appear in the few day gap between St. Albert and Camrose.
  25. Daaang, how did you find this one? I’m seeing nothing on their website, Twitter, etc. Do you have any details or have an inside source? I wonder if it’ll be announced in a few weeks as part of their 2018-2019 series, which is being revealed July 18.
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