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  1. ya, ive never had a problem either..well before this...and ive DLed a lot from the NF store... but i got a few tips and tricks from a helpful soul, so heres hopin. (thanks "mrs matthew good")
  2. i downloaded it when i went to extract the .zip file a message came on saying "mattcbc.mp3 is password protected. please enter the password in the box below" .... ? Anyone have any ideas?
  3. thought it was clever. poor lad. hope he's enjoying his time away from the internet...and most of all - his trip.
  4. fated fearless avalanche house of smoke and mirrors suburbia EDIT: just MG hosam avalanche empty road waiting for the great destruction whispering in the dark MGB fearless suburbia vermillion the rat who would be king sort of a protest song jesus. that was bloody hard. intense pondering just occured
  5. thanks jennzebel .. p.s. i like your avatar. and i will also commend summer bronze on the while we were hunting rabbits "meaning" .. nice depth, id say i agree. and p.s. why would autobahn call you a loser? did i miss something???
  6. http://www.jennifergood.blogspot.com/
  7. hey! if youre goin to do rare acoustic/extended versions, ever thought about the acoustic version of lullaby for the new world order, as well as the "reworked" live version of symbolistic white walls? theres also the acoustic version of empty road (same as the vid that was runnin on his site for awhile) but then i guess you have to be careful cos theres a lot of different versions floating around, like the slow version of future is x-rated...this cd might work out to be a double album! just a thought...
  8. some common themes...well maybe not themes persee, but at least these words popped up again and again. GUNS: it's a business just like guns and leg hold traps (Comfortable Criminals) with a revolver in my hand (heathers like sunday) and the gun it lies next to me whispering (alabama motel room) lock your door and load your gun (omissions of the omen) I wonder where my gun is (generation x-wing) - ray gun - a boy and his machine gun the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way (running for home) I'm tired of walking around with my hand on my gun (sort of a prot
  9. I followed his instruction and emailed. anyone do the same? and if so, has anyone heard back?
  10. MR CHIPS said: "OK. I want everyone that has that pic to watch it. Now watch to where matt goes up the elevator thinger. After he gets off.... notice anything fimiliar? That's the same set they use for the pictures inside the white light rock and roll review album. At least it looks like it. It just discovered that now. Great. " I noticed that too...after going through all my old tapes and watchin old clips, when much music was still decent (sdienote)... I think the "rant" was right around the time of X-tina's Dirrrty video. So then Much did one of their "Too Hot?" discussion forums
  11. http://www.thebrokenrecord.com/metro/index...?showtopic=1468
  12. sorry, off the top of my head i cant come up with any...i have quite a few written down... but i was so caught off guard by that last quote...what a beautiful thing to say. wow. speechless really.
  13. i wish...he never played it at the guelph show. im interested as well if anyone has it
  14. that would be fantabulous. if u could get the mp3 i mean. thanks for answering my query so promptyly crusader! youre good at what you do dunno where i was during the first week of november tho, when this was first discussed. thanks again
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