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  1. ya, ive never had a problem either..well before this...and ive DLed a lot from the NF store... but i got a few tips and tricks from a helpful soul, so heres hopin. (thanks "mrs matthew good")
  2. i downloaded it when i went to extract the .zip file a message came on saying "mattcbc.mp3 is password protected. please enter the password in the box below" .... ? Anyone have any ideas?
  3. thought it was clever. poor lad. hope he's enjoying his time away from the internet...and most of all - his trip.
  4. fated fearless avalanche house of smoke and mirrors suburbia EDIT: just MG hosam avalanche empty road waiting for the great destruction whispering in the dark MGB fearless suburbia vermillion the rat who would be king sort of a protest song jesus. that was bloody hard. intense pondering just occured
  5. thanks jennzebel .. p.s. i like your avatar. and i will also commend summer bronze on the while we were hunting rabbits "meaning" .. nice depth, id say i agree. and p.s. why would autobahn call you a loser? did i miss something???
  6. http://www.jennifergood.blogspot.com/
  7. hey! if youre goin to do rare acoustic/extended versions, ever thought about the acoustic version of lullaby for the new world order, as well as the "reworked" live version of symbolistic white walls? theres also the acoustic version of empty road (same as the vid that was runnin on his site for awhile) but then i guess you have to be careful cos theres a lot of different versions floating around, like the slow version of future is x-rated...this cd might work out to be a double album! just a thought...
  8. some common themes...well maybe not themes persee, but at least these words popped up again and again. GUNS: it's a business just like guns and leg hold traps (Comfortable Criminals) with a revolver in my hand (heathers like sunday) and the gun it lies next to me whispering (alabama motel room) lock your door and load your gun (omissions of the omen) I wonder where my gun is (generation x-wing) - ray gun - a boy and his machine gun the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way (running for home) I'm tired of walking around with my hand on my gun (sort of a protest song) Been under the gun, running the guns (advertising on police cars) Supersized guns ! (21st century living) Name it after liberty and build it running guns (in love with a bad idea) Charge and spike your heavy guns (empty road) All out of beer so go get your gun (north american for life) MONKEYS: my black monkey heart (Reliance) - monkey mask worn around the time of beautiful midnight... - he has raved about one of his fave authors, kurt Vonnegut...especially his book "welcome to the monkey house" the devil punched down to the monkeys (the future is x-rated) And I'm a monkey in a long line of kings (while we were hunting rabbits) And the monkey press the button (free download/downloading blues) BIRDS: like a bird in bad weather, these engines won't stall (waiting for the great destruction) the bird it knows the bee stings (parable) - if birds dont fly straight - blue bird locked in the groove, little bird ...suffocate for me, little bird...god lives above your head, little bird breathe for me, little bird (shes got a new disguise) Those birds are singing (everything is automatic) down came your blackbird to suffer in my arms (lets get it on) I dreamed I was a pigeon (under the influence) Over our houses when it could have been, should have been, doves (ex-pats of the blue mountain symphony orchestra) earplugs for the birds and the animals (alert status red) Tonight-A bird will fly, and collide With the windows of this apartment (agoraphobe)
  9. I followed his instruction and emailed. anyone do the same? and if so, has anyone heard back?
  10. MR CHIPS said: "OK. I want everyone that has that pic to watch it. Now watch to where matt goes up the elevator thinger. After he gets off.... notice anything fimiliar? That's the same set they use for the pictures inside the white light rock and roll review album. At least it looks like it. It just discovered that now. Great. " I noticed that too...after going through all my old tapes and watchin old clips, when much music was still decent (sdienote)... I think the "rant" was right around the time of X-tina's Dirrrty video. So then Much did one of their "Too Hot?" discussion forums...thats when they played his rant. I'm prety sure the pictures from the CD and the rant, as well as that pic of matt on the escalator, were taken around the same time, beucause it looks like theyre all at the Vancouver Art Gallery. And hes wearing that same button up shirt. thats all i have on that.
  11. http://www.thebrokenrecord.com/metro/index...?showtopic=1468
  12. sorry, off the top of my head i cant come up with any...i have quite a few written down... but i was so caught off guard by that last quote...what a beautiful thing to say. wow. speechless really.
  13. i wish...he never played it at the guelph show. im interested as well if anyone has it
  14. that would be fantabulous. if u could get the mp3 i mean. thanks for answering my query so promptyly crusader! youre good at what you do dunno where i was during the first week of november tho, when this was first discussed. thanks again
  15. From his BLOG: I removed the last entry. It should be available to everyone sometime tomorrow. The same post contained a comment about an incident that took place at my last show in Halifax. You might know it as… ”The Halifax Incident” The woman involved in the incident e-mailed me repeatedly afterwards attempting to pass off a version of events that was far more fantasy than reality. If anyone’s really interested in listening to exactly what I said while on stage, numerous fan sites host bootlegs of many live shows (I’m sure someone in the comments will drop a URL). I’m sure there’s one out there that captured the whole thing. That said, the level of my so called “ irrational belligerence” can be determined from it. The woman was filming the performance, I would later learn, for use in a documentary film. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you’re going to film a performer for use in any film, you get their permission first. It’s common courtesy. As for what happened after the show, I wasn’t there and thus cannot comment. My tour manager, Louisa Keys, relayed the details of the entire debacle to me afterwards. One thing I take extreme offense to is the spreading or absolute falsehoods regarding “girls loitering around trailer’s”, especially when I don’t have a trailer and my wife and I were on the tour bus that night watching a movie (after I spent some time signing things for fans at the bus door, which I do after every show). Lies of this nature speak volumes about both the mental state and the motivation of those that would invent such things. ------------------------------------------------------- ??? anyone know? curious what URL would explain this...
  16. Interesting thread. My thoughts: - im glad that matty spends time actually caring about the world and assumes that his fans are actually intelligent and compassionate enough to not only be informed, but understand as well ... - would it be better if he was ignorant like some cardboard cut out pesduo "rock/pop stars" - why the fuck should someone care how he spends his day? as long as he continues to craft his art and turns it into music for people that care, get off it - i really have nothing more to add. this thread actually quite irritated moi.
  17. ya. im pretty sure it was ian...im actually starting to picture it. matt was front and centre and ian was chillin off to the side...and i remember being taken aback, cos i thought dave took care of all the back up vocal shenanigans. so ya. Ian it is. what a lovely moment that was. great thread you started...at least for me anyways, i got all nostalagic. cheers
  18. a good live moment that left me all warm and fuzzy was at an edgefest show in ottawa, where matt had some dude come up and propose marriage to some nikita in da crowd. a close second was on the same tour when matty came out with a star wars mask on... clever
  19. if im not mistaken. it was a mister ian browne. at least he did it live at a show i saw back in nepean, ottawa
  20. its called the midnight opus. or somethin along those lines
  21. this was dicussed in another thread... i have a decent version from ottawa, and you can add me to msn (if you have it) and i can send it to ya or you can keep the spirit alive and buy it from the NF marketplace. choice is yours grasshopper
  22. i have only the hello timebomb single ... i did however order the IAWCC single from sunrise ... for some reason its an international order (random?), so it should be here in a few weeks. i advise goin into to your local music shop and inquiring. its only gonna cost like 6.99 or somethin cheap like dat.
  23. i have a copy of this from an ottawa show...coulda been either freshfest or bluesfest in 2001. either way, its a decent live version and theres no bloke talkin through it. if anyone so desires it, you can add me to msn and i can send 'er on over. cheers. ([email protected])
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