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  1. greyside


    Any idea if this is on the hub yet? I can't wait to hear it again, what a great show.
  2. greyside

    The Drink?

    Anyone have any idea what time the doors open? I'm coming from about 4 hours away and I'm picking up my tickets at the door, so I wasn't sure. Sooooo close to the show ;)
  3. greyside

    The Drink?

    Matt played there on the Avalanche tour too...I don't know much about London and I'm from out of town, but it was easy to get to...
  4. He was trying this time around, I'll drive if I have to.
  5. I like WLR&RR, but BM is close. Has anyone else seen the cd by someone else that uses the exact same graphic?
  6. Maple Music has one that I know of... http://www.maplemusic.com
  7. greyside


    According to dictionary.com, it's pretty clear:
  8. I've been into everything right away. WLR&RR took more listens to get used to, though.
  9. Hopefully not much more...I can't imagine being disappointed by a song at one of his shows.
  10. I agree, I don't think he'd avoid it on purpose. Remember the content on some of the altered rants for "21st Century Living"?
  11. I always give it a shot, but I just can't seem to get into Hopeless.
  12. Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run
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