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  1. Broken

    Vancouver Show

    Why are you going to get a refund? Why not just wait. I am.
  2. I'll admit, the plot does sound really cliche, but where it goes isn't the normal cliche. I don't think it is, I haven't come across anything like it. And no offense taken about the writting style part. Sometimes you just don't like the way people write. The novel "Everything Is Illuminated" is now a movie because of its success, but I HATED it so much because of how it was written. Sometimes, things just don't click with you.
  3. Ali Baba was going to be my second pick... A girl (yes a girl) who is a co-worker of mine is named Ali Baba. She's a white suburban girl. Yes, I'm very serious. On the subject of the book, I think it could prove very interesting. Looks good ;) Thanks :angry: I hope you choose to pick up a copy. But on a serious note, Im jealous and wish my name was Ali Baba
  4. Ali Baba was going to be my second pick...
  5. Hahaha. ;) I know eh? Alot of the time when I needed a name I just looked around my CD collection for a first or last name.
  6. I come here quite alot I just dont bother to post much anymore.
  7. For you; I can. --------------------------------------- Chapter 1 More often than not, the answers you get in life aren
  8. Over the last ten months I've been writting a novel, and finially finished it. I've self-published it through Cafepress.com. It's something I'm really proud of, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a copy. Click here To pick one up Thanks for anyone who does. I'd love to know what you thought of it too if you do choose to pick one up! Take Care! PS. I'm not sure if this is the right section or not. If not, I apologize!
  9. I got 80. By accedent, I clicked on the wrong one for the last question. Lamers
  10. Kind of backfired on him didnt it?
  11. http://petergblog.blogspot.com scroll down a bit. I just posted everyhting I use.
  12. Yea I dont think it has been. But at the same time, if they were really over, they probably would just have taken the site down all together.
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