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  1. I listened to Audio of Being yesterday while doing yardwork and thought alot of the MGB days. Such an awesome album. I feel so fortunate to meet all four members including Rich after seeing MGB for the first time in early 2001. RIP in Rich.
  2. Ian, who is your favorite drummer of all time and why? What is your favorite MG/MGB song(s)?
  3. I dug out the Live at Massey Hall CD. Man if this was ever on vinyl I would die a happy man.
  4. That banner is the shit. I wonder who has it and where it is now. That would be an ultimate collectible for a fan. I would hang that proudly in my home forever. I've only see Rich wear the white and yellow MGB jersey.
  5. Lightning striking twice withing 12 months for me. I am seeing The Afghan Whigs again. They are co-headling with Built To Spill. The concert is 4/11/18 and no less right here in Madison, WI about 20 mins from my house! I purchased the VIP package. Its going to be another amazing night!
  6. That is an extremely solid top 4. Hard to beat any of those songs.
  7. My biggest regret is not attending a show from the most recent tour. It would have been a lifetime highlight to see BM in its entirety. I didn't pull the trigger because I feel I couldn't justify the expense of it (travel, hotel, etc).
  8. Yes. I've listened to them as well. I would say Powder Burns was the best of their album but I know I need to give them many more listens.
  9. I listened to your podcast. I share a lot of the same feelings you discussed about MGB/MG. Been a fan since Underdogs. The one thing I wanted to mention is that I am a huge Afghan Whigs fan and I just discovered them earlier this year. I know they've been around since the late 80's/early 90's, I've heard their name before but I just never gave them a chance. Then I did and my God are they amazing! I feel I've missed out on a huge chunk of epic music for years. I saw them for the first time in concert about a month ago and they rock their asses off, amazing show. I met Greg and John
  10. FIrst saw the Apparitions video on MuchMusic. Couldn't find the album at local music stores (live in WI) so used my Mom's credit card to order Underdogs online. Listened to that CD like everyday. Changed my life as far as music goes. Saw MGB in Grand Rapids, MI in Feb 2001. Was front row. They played all the favorites and mainly songs from Beautiful Midnight. They even did a cover of Enjoy the Silence. I met the band after show and got pics. Seemed like a dream. The sound sucked (so much bass) at the venue but the experience lasted a lifetime. So thankful to have had this memory
  11. That was an amazing album in my opinion!
  12. I have a ticket to see the Afghan Whigs in Milwaukee at the end of September. I am confident it is going to be one of the best concerts I will ever see in person. I know they've been around a long time but I discovered their music in the spring and I can't stop listening to all of it. Their most recent album, In Spades, is incredible.
  13. Just saw this. Awesome!!!!
  14. That is so awesome. I would love to have been in your shoes with your experiences. Thank you for your recordings.
  15. You make great points Adam. It's tough not to take that personally but you keep moving on. I would want to personally thank you and anyone else that has recorded MGB/MG concerts and shared them.
  16. If some can get a recording of any of these concerts I would be forever grateful. :)
  17. I have to get that jersey. I have two MGB jerseys that are awesome.
  18. This video helped me. I did the tape trick to lower the overtones and the video helped me tune the drums better.
  19. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Don't know how but I need to see one of the upcoming BM shows.
  20. Stars are amazing! I just saw them for the first time in October in Madison, WI (i live around here). Great concert, great sound. Afterwards, my friends and I met Torq and Amy outside the venue. They were really nice. I probably haven't been that stoked since the couple of times I've met MG.
  21. Thank you Matt for your music! All the best in 2016 and beyond!
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