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  1. Small, yes. But not necessarily too small to be of any relevance: more than half of them encorporated a bird on the cover, one of them was all black and had the old Vancouver Millionaire's logo front and centre, one looked like it had an overhead map of Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs encorporated, NONE of them contained a picture of Matt. Sure it's not definitive, but hey, news is slow lately.
  2. This may be old news at this point, but some very VERY small pictures of a few ideas Matt may be kicking around for the album's cover art appear here. Again, WARNING, very small.
  3. Hey guys, I've done a fair bit of work on Matt's wikipedia page over the years and I've recently added a few miscelleaneous things to his album pages (I'm not finished, mind you). There's a lot I fear might get deleted because it doesn't have a reference (mostly since the reference interviews, sites, etc. no longer exist on the net). I think there's a lot of interesting information that most fans don't know about because they haven't been around since the beginning and it might be useful to put it all together onto a Matthew Good wiki (I don't mean to offend, Crusader, but the site is severely lacking in information that doesn't pertain to Matt's upcoming album). I'd like to encourage people to add what they can to wikipedia... I think in Matts 15 year career there should be a better and longer biography on the main page, and there should be a bit more about each individual album (writing, recording, promotion processes.. as well as the impact the albums had on the fans and the band). Whadderyer people think?
  4. If anyone cares to share a link to the mp3 it would be much appreciated.
  5. How did anyone fall for this? If there actually was a leak, Crusader would be the first to tear it down, not be the first to post it for all to see.
  6. I don't see him killing himself more than he did for Hospital Music... mind you we don't really know much about the recording for this album apart from a few pictures and twitter updates.
  7. My girlfriend and I are looking to go to the Quebec City winter carnival this year, ideally leaving from Kingston, ON anytime Thursday January 29th or Friday January 30th and returning by Sunday February 1st. The problem is we're students and lacking the $160.00 each VIA is asking for return tickets. With the price of gas being what it is, the best way to get there for two people is by car... problem being that we don't own one or no anybody that would let us borrow theirs for the weekend. I thought maybe somebody on these forums might know of a website that offers people a chance to offer and request rides for destinations in Canada. I tried googling but didn't find any sites that were heavily frequented. Any ideas? Or ride offers? Anything!? Thanks.
  8. I've been calling for an EP since the days between Avalanche and White Light... I liked the precedent set by the MGB.
  9. I like what this guy's got going: http://www.massacreindisguise.net/index2.asp Anyone remember this site?
  10. This is great. Indestructible sounds surprisingly fantastic.
  11. Duffy was Matt's nickname as a kid, I believe.
  12. As I remember it he was always going to use a quartet, except that he would blend their tracks with fake strings in order to give it a fuller sound without having to pay for an entire orchestra.
  13. Has anyone heard anything more about this release? I'm getting impatient.
  14. Wait... what? I wasn't aware we had any World War I vets on the board.
  15. To be honest I think the version of Champions is pretty much on par with the album version. Born Losers suffers live. Black Helicopter is the only song of those three that I think gets better in a live setting.
  16. up again, down again, out of your heeeeeeeaaaaad
  17. This is true as far as I remember it.
  18. Let's not forget there were probably many original tracklistings since Anti-Pop and Truffle Pigs were afterthoughts that the record company had since they felt the album wasn't radio-friendly.
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