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  1. I was about to make this post exactly. Took the words out of my mouth.
  2. I think each major release should temporarily get its own thread where the fans can contribute trivia they remember. "The Trouble Bunch" stuff, aborted singles, unique promo stuff, Matt's comments on the records, etc. When we have a lot then just add it to the actual site. I just think there are a lot of glaring mistakes and omissions. Example: "Gone away boys. We're gone away" on the inside jacket is NOT from The Boy Come Home.
  3. Apart from a few tracks "Lost" and " Chinese Sleep Chany" I think this is a bit of a swing and a miss for these guys.
  4. Piece of shit. I think a lot more people will slowly realize this once the intial gloss wears off.
  5. Please don't take offense to this... but how exactly does a conversation like that begin?
  6. This is pretty much what most fans were saying when Alan White was out and Starkey was in.
  7. I think it's kindof lame he posted the master lists. I like to be surprised.
  8. Indeed. See the thread that discusses 'Bad Pennies' for this.
  9. In/Out was the title track released on I/O (the 3rd Limblifter album), along with all of the other Alarmbell demoes that were released.
  10. It is kind of ironic in a way, Matt's blog is constantly advocating that we question the information that has been given to us and yet, when it comes to aspects of his personal life or his music, we are berated for extrapolating or questioning what has been said.
  11. Am I the only one who doesn't buy that he only put 'Bad Pennies' on his myspace because he couldn't find any other way of sharing it with his friend?
  12. I'd say these demos have been very different from most of the things he's done before. This one is perhaps more indicative of the 'Hospital Music' style... but songs like Vancouver National Anthem and Us Remains Impossible are quite a departure methinks.
  13. I've had this song for years. I first heard it on Beavis & Butthead 10 years ago.
  14. I know people here know how to rip streamed music and I've been hunting down this song for a friend but can't seem to get this in mp3 format. I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out? http://hypem.com/track/454161 Thanks.
  15. I agree. I just always assume Dave had a little bit more to do with the music than the fans tend to believe (based on comments Matt has made). The Audio of Being is my favourite record of Matt's and it is the one with the most writing credits attributed to Genn. Some people say this is because he realized financial potential after a record like Beautiful Midnight (which he helped co-write but not to the same extent). I like to believe, though, that even if at the core the music was Matt's doing, Dave brought a certain creative style to the music that Matt on his own would probably never have considered.
  16. I think many Matt Good fans downplay Dave Genn's influence on these songs. Matt isn't the type to lie (he's certainly been more honest than any artist I can think of), but I think that as fans we have a tendency to forget that the only source we've really had on interworkings of the MGB has been Matt himself. Although I'm sure Dave probably did get writing credits that he maybe didn't deserve, you can't deny that the songs changed markedly from before he was in the band and since he's been gone.
  17. Definately more than a week. I remember Matt had an article on his site a while ago that said something to the effect of "Today I started a new band. It's awesome". And then made reference to +jackpillowhead later on that week.
  18. The new single "Them Kids" is up on his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/samrobertsband
  19. I'll do it... but I'm going to be super busy for the rest of the month with exams and the like.
  20. I've done a fair it of work updating the MG/MGB/Rodchester Kings discography section on wikipedia but I don't know how to put pictures up. If anyone can put up album art for any of the releases that are missing them (particularly the old demos) that would be great.
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