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  1. You should tell your "wicked contacts" in "the press" that this fake download is available everywhere.
  2. The real question is whether or not there is a recording of "The Workers Sing A Song of Mass Production" floating around. Given how different some of the others songs sounded I'd love to see how that turned out.
  3. He said when he posted the track that it was never going to be a 'song'. I believe he referred to it and several other things he was working on as 'pieces'. As such I never intended it to sound much different on the record and I love it the way it is.
  4. My guess: Matt's fucking with us.
  5. Recorded during Hospital Music sessions but not on any physical release: - "Can't Get Shot In The Back (If You Don't Run)" Likely recorded during Hospital Music sessions but not released: - "If I Was A Tidal Wave" - "Breath of a Nation" - "_______lite" (Unknown song, could have been "The Devil's In Your Details" or "Girl Wedged Under A Firebird" renamed but I doubt it.) Post-Hospital Music songs: - "Keira-Anne" - "Silent Army In The Trees"
  6. I don't get this fad. That song has been around forever and then one day it suddenly becomes funny to people too young to remember it?
  7. Definately not. I know I've heard that one... if not last time with a full band in Kingston then in Guelph.
  8. No. Full Band. I want to say the last time was in Edmonton on the last full band tour... was anyone from the bored there to confirm?
  9. What was posted before it came down?
  10. The Workers Sing A Song of Mass Production has been played more than twice over the past couple of years.
  11. All Together was released. It was the iTunes pre-order bonus track for In A Coma.
  12. Indeed you can't deny the power of the Good/Genn partnership.
  13. I don't know anything about guitar, really, but I think I remember Matt saying something about the tuning this song (and many others from the Audio of Being era) were written in and that it he didn't want to deal with always having to retune his guitar or using specific capos, etc. I'm sure it's in the archive somewhere.
  14. My favourite maybe. And he teases us with it live only once or twice a tour (usually in the prairies). I'd pay the price of admission just to hear that song.
  15. Honestly, who spends NF$? The whole system is bogus.
  16. There's something in the In A Coma booklet about the lyrics to Carmelina. Too lazy to check it though.
  17. $150 or so for Oasis last year at the ACC. I was 4th row floor though and I love those guys.
  18. Yeah. I had to do a double-take as well. 54 demos or not the new material seems to be pouring out of him lately.
  19. Not 54 demos. 54 tracks (layers) in this 1 demo.
  20. I think promo for Hospital Music is done. I hope I'm wrong.
  21. Can anyone send this to me, please?
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