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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hospital Music is NOT selling that well. Ofcourse this is all relative... (it's not doing nearly as good as MGB stuff did) but even White Light would have gone gold and then some by now. The reason Hospital Music is a success numerically is that it sold well digitally in the U.S. Just because it was the number one record in Canada does not make it a success. It's not even on the top 200 anymore (whereas some records on that list have been around for over a year). If he was going to use this 'winning formula' why not go re-write Beautiful Midnight? He won't. Love him or hate him Matt is going to do whatever he wants to do and not what he ought to do (financially speaking).
  2. I've said it before... but based on a few comments Matt has made in the past and the fact that there we heard 3 out of 4 songs jackpillowhead compiled, I believe The Devil's In Your Details came out of that project and not afterwards. Either way, though I don't know whether I prefer these new demos style-wise, it is comforting to know he's experimenting.
  3. I'm a huge Nada Surf fan... this album is pretty weak. Their slowest yet.
  4. Like everyone else. Me wants it.
  5. It takes into account single track digital downloads (for which gold status is 20,000). As far as entire album digital downloads its not even listed so I have no idea. I'm just saying, even White Light Rock & Roll Review went gold within a matter of months and it didn't make #1 record in Canada. The two video singles, and 3 radio singles definately helped push that record. Were Avalanche to have had the proper support it deserved (including, as Matt has suggested, releasing Weapon as a proper first single)I think it could have given Beautiful Midnight a run for its money.
  6. Hospital Music hasn't sold so much. It was the number one record in Canada for a week... but as far as I know it has yet to go gold (50,000 units).
  7. This movie was shit. Who the fuck talks like that all the time?
  8. This is EXACTLY what I was about to pick. Edit: Actually I switch Raygun for Haven't Slept In Years
  9. Who still needs THIS song?
  10. If someone could send me a copy that'd be pretty bonus. Thanks.
  11. There are at least 5 other threads about this. Everytime people seem to forget what the sample says. "Every pass goes adrift, Ball loose, can't tackle, can't shoot." I think this forum/site needs a FAQ.
  12. You want to PM or post a list of songs/bands for me anyhow? I've been hearing a lot about these 'jam bands' from my New York State friends.
  13. As has already been discussed... it's not really Matt's decision.
  14. Odette = Swan by day, woman by night (Born Losers: 'No Days For Nights') Odile = The evil version of Odette Parallel between two versions of the same person... Matt's ex-wife, etc. Mystery solved.
  15. Wow... nobody knows who Odette is? Swan Lake anyone?
  16. From Matthew Good's facebook:
  17. I think that record is waaaaay better than the Broken Social Scene's latest. I caught him live in Kingston a week or two ago. It was the balls.
  18. Did anyone happen to record this 'teaser'? I missed it.
  19. He does these things just as much now as he did then, the only difference being that his inclusions become future songs. Let's not forget that Champions of Nothing and She's In It For The Money both started as lead-ins to other songs. The same way Silent Army In The Trees was used to lead-in to Black Helicopter. That said... I long for the days of the 15+ minute Near Fantastica. It's the best thing I've ever heard him do. Period.
  20. Does anyone have the Pilate's first release, For All That's Given... Wasted ? I remember seeing Pilate open for Matt Good in Brantford, ON one time. They were great.
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