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  1. Is there any way you could ship that bad boy to Ontario? I'll cover the costs ofcourse.
  2. Geoff, I Private-Messaged you a little while back regarding that MuchMusic Tape. Any thoughts?
  3. Haha... I remember Matt donated the money he'd spend paying the fine for swearing at Snowjam during Generation X-Wing to charity. Good times.
  4. You might be right. I was under the impression that licences for things like that expire though.
  5. If there is a hard copy of this EP, how will it be released? Do you think Matt will found an independent label? Or find another small, Vancouver-based one?
  6. At least for solo acoustic shows. The club circuit is better suited for a plugged in band though, methinks.
  7. Thank you sooo much. I wish Matt still toured with these guys. I recommend anyone else check these records out (and buy them if you like them).
  8. Can anyone upload either or both Limblifter's self-titled debut and I/O? Or any other demos, b-sides, etc. you might have because my ipod crashed and I can't seem to find any of their cds at my place except Bellaclava Thanks so much.
  9. It is about cancer. I don't know how obvious the line "I know that it's bad, that it's the kind that they can't operate on" could make it. That probably scratches the Jen theory since I'm pretty sure she doesn't/didn't have cancer. I don't know about his Grandmother, but I think the "Patty shine a light" bit is about having the strength to deal with this other problem that is unrelated to her. The song, in my opinion, is about Merle's mom or dad. Both as I understood it died of cancer early this year or late last year.
  10. I've listened to your version of She's Got A New Disguise upwards of 20 times. Love it.
  11. Let me be the first to say I love your She's Got A New Disguise cover. I usually don't like covers unless the artist sounds like he or she is putting their own spin on it. Your Everything Is Automatic cover is lacking because it sounds as if you're trying to sound like Matt. The other benefits because you're making it your own.
  12. I payed nothing. They'll get my money when I buy the physical copy.
  13. I agree. This one's a little too slow and depressing. I love 15 Step and House of Cards though.
  14. Was there a bootleg made of this show? Might help to clear a few things up.
  15. Artists make the majority of their money touring... not album sales. Most people forget this.
  16. A good addition to this website, which though amazing, is severely lacking in Pre-MGB info.
  17. That's right. This is a shot of the band circa 1994. The band is: Matt Good - Guitar/Vocals Steve Codling - Keyboards Judy Renouf - Celo Eran Voys - Drums Ariel Watson - Bass 1. Matt's folk band "the Rodchester Kings" was breaking up in 1992 2. Matt wanted to record a demo 3. Matt's friend Brent Christensen put Matt in touch with Steve Codling who had a home recording studio 4. Matt recorded Broken in Steve's bedroom in surrey, British Columbia 5. After they finished recording, Steve did a few quirky remixes of some of the songs for fun 6. Matt liked the way Steve played keyboards, so they became a duo 7. Matt and Steve started playing open mike nights and coffee houses in 1993 and Matt insisted he would never perform standing up 8. While Steve was away working in Calgary Matt recorded Left of Normal 9. Matt recruited a violinist and a celist, and they became a four-piece 10. Matt wrote the music for a song by Danielle French called Worthy 11. In the spring of 1994, they recorded Euphony with help from Dan and Joe Sather on drums and bass 12. This demo tape got them into the CFOX battle of the bands 13. The violinist left but the celist Judy Renouf stayed, so they were a three-piece 14. While playing a gig on Granville Island with Danielle French, Matt convinced her drummer Eran Vooys and bassist Ariel Watson that it would be more fun to play with him, so now they were a five people. 15. They played at New Music West in 1994 and got a management contract 16. The management contract got them a publishing contract 17. They used some free studio time they had won to record 8 songs live in the studio in autumn of 1994 18. This demo was called 15 Hours on a September Thursday and was homemade with tapes duplicated on Steve's home stereo and the covers printed on Steve's computer 19. During the first part of 1995 they played a lot at the town pump in vancouver and toured across Canada and back 20. In Winnipeg Steve said he was quitting 21. In Edmonton Matt passed out between sets and the next day Eran and Ariel quit 22. Matt reformed the band with Dave, Ian and Geoff Lloyd (who ran the practice space where they had practiced and who had been their guitar tech for local gigs) 23. Cellist Judy Renouf left 24. The new band recorded Last of the Ghetto Astronauts 25. The rest is pretty much well-documented 26. If Matt hadn't become a musician he says he would have been a history teacher
  18. http://cgi.ebay.ca/MATTHEW-GOOD-BAND-EARLY...1QQcmdZViewItem Interesting...
  19. It's an especially great idea because of how well it will help to promote the record.
  20. I'd love one except I already HAD an OiNK account but I didn't know what I was doing and went nuts downloading and lost it. Now I don't know how to get it back.
  21. No problem... I have a lot of music. All my money goes to online cd orders, basically. If anyone had any of the following I'd be much appreciated: Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye'd Boy (7" Single) Broken Social Scene - Lollapalooza, Chigaco, IL (iTunes EP) Nada Surf - Live In Brussels (CD) Ben Folds - Don't Change Your Plans (CD Single) The Shins - Australia (7" Single) The Shins - Turn On Me (CD/7" Single) K-Os - (Anyhing Pre-Exit... there's a long list) Kasabaian (Just a few songs here and there): L.S.F. (Single) - L.S.F. (Jagz Kooner Mix Full) - Club Foot (Live @ Cabinet War Rooms) Empire (Single) - Ketang - Empire (Jagz Kooner Remix) Me Plus One (Single) - Somebody To Love (Radio One Live Lounge version) Green Day - (Any of the CD Singles from American Idiot) I know this is quite a bit to request, but I doubt anyone on this board has much of this unless they have OiNK or something like that. Just putting it out there. Thanks in advance.
  22. Sense of duty? What the fuck?
  23. Here they are: Chronic Town (EP) Murmur Reckoning Fables of the Reconstruction Life's Rich Pageant Document
  24. Don't leave until the house lights come on. A good general rule.
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