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  1. I read that Matt is going to be in TO for the CBC coverage??? Does anyone know when that will be???
  2. Just a note... but in Texas if you can prove that the person that you killed "needed to be killed" then by their law you get off!!! Just thought I would let everyone know that
  3. I really love all of them but I rerally like Coming Out Purple... its just such a different song... it really shocked me the first time I heard it. And to let anyone know I have all his demo's so if you want any of them just let me know
  4. Oh... sorry I wasn't sure... Anyways I still think that the DVD is a good idea
  5. What was this I heard about a Matthew Good Christmas Album?? I mean why wood he do that??? LOL!! I think if he should put out anything.. it should be a DVD... it would be great!! I mean really something for the fans... it could be filled with live shows... music videos... and rants... God how do I love his rants!!! Anyways these are just my thoughts... let me know what you think... and if there is any truth to the MG Christmas CD
  6. What do you mean by that? Did Matt say that he wasn't going to put out any more new albums??? Damnit I feel so out of the loop!!!
  7. Can someone please tell me why I can't get on Matt's website PLEASE!!
  8. What is going on with his web page??? How come it isn't working???
  9. I can't really say that I dislike any of his songs!! I love them all... but what you are saying about the country twang... I mean if you listen to his old demos and stuff they all have the folkey feeling to them... that is why he did a couple songs like that... I guess to go back to his roots... so for that reason I like them!
  10. I still have my card.. but does the web site still work??
  11. I think the reason why he doesn't like the album because of what it represents to him.. he wrote that ablum in a time in his life that was awful for him.. it was right before the band broke up.. he was sick and looked himself in a room for like 3 months... I think that if he had a better time writinga nd recording that album he would like it more.. but I also feel that if he didn't write that album in that state that he was the album wouldn't feel as raw as it does.. I think that is why a lot of his fans like AOB the best because it is so raw... personal... if you know what I mean
  12. Well that is cool... Its about time someone looked at that ha ha those poor people...
  13. ha ha i wonder if its about Micheal Jackson ha ha ha
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