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  1. he does sound a lot like him yeah. but his style is very different I think
  2. check this guy out. up and coming act in the UK. just amazing. also another song where he is accompanied by double bass:
  3. ooops! sorry. that was up from the previous listing I did. I'll change it. cheers.
  4. Hey, Two mint condition Hello Time Bomb singles going very cheap. US Version and European Version... European Version.... American Version...
  5. the only reason im trying to make a buck...is cos I bought this for about
  6. I sent the cd, but unfortunately it must have got lost in the post, I didnt realise they didnt refund you, they havnt replied to anything I have done. I have put funds in there, so maybe if you contact paypal again they will refund you. Sorry
  7. Had this for a while, read through it, excellent book, there are more manifestos in it than his other book. Its in great condition, PM me if you're interested
  8. not selling all of it. just some bits, i have loadsa stuff, some doubles in some cases, so im just getting rid of bits i dont need.
  9. Hey, I have a very rare item on sale, its the european promotional single for Hello Time Bomb. Check it out...its pretty cool. Its different to the original single. CLICK HERE Dave
  10. Anyone want? Its in great condition, original Hello Time Bomb single.. PM me an offer or something if you want, I might put it on ebay later on...but i'll ask you guys here first. Dave
  11. I know...the reason im trying to sell it for this...is cos i payed about
  12. its the Canadian Version, the one with all the manifestos..rather than the US version which has some left out.
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