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  1. I can't believe I almost missed this release, I downloaded it the night it came out cause I ended up on itunes by accident
  2. Right this could be bad it could be good. Virignfest line up is a lot more up beat, now not that the last tour wasn't amazing but after seeing to shows back to back I would love to see Matt rock out, be political and get over his exwife.
  3. Matthew Barbar Ghost Notes, and kings of Leon Aha Shake Heatbreake
  4. Calgary to go on sale? doesn't it have to be announced first
  5. the show was amazing, and I can't wait for him to come back for folk fest in Calgary this summer!
  6. I think that all of his writing time is now devoted to his blog, which is still of of the most updated blogs I have seen. That being said to see another book from him would be amazing
  7. Knox united would be good, although a little small for all of us
  8. I have looked at his site and this site for a Calgary date and it seems that he is missing Calgary. My hope is that he will be playing as some random place during the next month as the junos are coming here. If anyone has any info it would be greatly welcomed
  9. after watching the interview I felt like George simply was interviewing Matt back at much music, not alot of substance an no real need for it. The hour is an amazing outlet for Canada and George dropped the ball this time
  10. All of the reposts have become invalid can anyone email me the song or repost it please?
  11. Bladeso


    Simply amazing last night, can't wait for banff. I recorded the show if you want it, I just missed the first two songs.
  12. Here is the Calgary version for those who were there or, are collectors [hide_me]http://download.yousendit.com/9A0DB40147CB61DF[/hide_me]
  13. belvie it or not in calgary on 90.3 they played odette, so it might be the next one, maybe on softer stations?
  14. I am hopeing i'm a window makes it all the way
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