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  1. i once saw a magician cut you in half is awesome, you can tell matt's been listening to talk talk again lately, and i mean that in the best way possible, he's blending that sound with his own style, this is awesome, so good...
  2. thanks guys, we all appreciate the tapers very much
  3. This is Pledge, I tabbed it from the Sask. video on youtube. Capo 2nd (half a step down plus tune high Eb down one step to Db), chords relative to capo basically its the same progression for the intro and verses and then changes slightly for the chorus, I tuned the high Eb down to Db, I'm not sure if Matt does this, you don't really have to, I just think it's more accurate, doe whatever you think sounds better) Verse G/C Em(slide down to 2nd voicing) D (do this twice) Db---0------(0orx)-(0orx)--------------------(0orx)-(0orx)- Bb---1---------x-----0------------------------10------8---- Gb---0--------12-----7-------------------------0------0---- Db---2--0h2----0-----0-------------------------0------0---- Ab---3--------10-----5-------------------------9------9---- Eb---3---------0-----0------------------------10-----10---- Chorus Basically the same progression but add an Am at the end, change the voiceings thoughout if you wish that's about it EDIT: the tab gets screwed up a little when I post, hope you guys/gals can still read it any requests post them here, between me and Noise Pollution I think we know almost every Matt Good song with pretty good accuracy, give or take a few
  4. I found this, don't know if it's been posted before, never seen it till now, http://www.superguncinema.com/films.htm scroll down and look for the matt good trailer
  5. Rage Against the Machine, not my fav band, but the coolest.
  6. for once i agree with moncton, wilco is my second fave band after mg, i used to think foxtrot was better than ghost, but i don't know, a ghost is born is unreal, the tone, the songs everything, prob the best group of musicians in one band, jeff tweedy is unreal, i don't really like anythign pre-being there, kicking television is the best live record i have ever heard, i high recommend it
  7. From the comments, that's metal airplans or whatever it's titled. i think so too, the video pf that song is on youtube somewhere, i saw it a week ago or so
  8. around that release I remember Matt talking about the fact that whatever RH puts out critics will say its amazing, whether its crap or not.
  9. this was said by Matt quite awhile ago right? Kid A is good, but def not better than OK and the Bends in my opinion, a lot of people have said Amnesiac and Kid A should have been one album of the best songs, i totally agree, that would have been a killer record. Hail to the Their is weak comapred to their other records, Pablo Honey is a great grunge record. As far as comparign to Matt, that's hard i think, as their both great artists, Matt's my fav and Radiohead make it into third behind Wilco. and i think the Talk Talk comment is warranted, that band's last couple albums are amazing, i'm just getting into them, they were definitely ahead of their time.
  10. you obviously have never listened to bob dylan, listen to blonde on blonde about 9 or 10 times before you talk about musical ineptitude
  11. I think that, while anyone may feel what they want about Matt, he is not conciously writing folk songs, he's just doing what comes naturally. Being in the postition he's in right now, he can't really record full band demos, to his liking anyway (the drums on Garage Band can only do so much, plus remember, its not like he's played drums very much), and add that to the fact that he's going thorugh a difficult time in his life, so he's just writing what pours out of him. As far as the political material not coming from his heart, I don't agree with that, how can you be sure? I would say that can't get shot or tidal wave is much more honest than a song like Boom! by System or any Rage song (though i love Rage and System has their moments). I don't care if your the Beatles or Radiohead or anyone, you play 2 hours worth of material just vocals and an acoustic guitar, alot of it is going to sound similar. I doubt Matt cares if anyone thinks he's making a rock record, or a revolutionary record, or whatever, he's prob just doing what he feels is right. He also did say he wrote half a really trashy rock record, so who knows. I myself like the new songs, and can't wait to hear them on record. I will add that playing solo acoustic is extremely difficult and the majority of artists out there could not pull it off, Matt can. Trying to sound like City and Colour? give me a break, dallas 's solo stuff wasn't really released until last year (cept the demos, which very few peopel heard anyway), Matt's written acoustic songs for years (History teacher demos, throw away, so long mrs. smith, fated) plus Matt's stuff sounds nothign like dallas or any other artists mentioned, cept for maybe bob dylan, which is a fucking compliment to say the least.
  12. Everyone's gotta listen the first time. Making a generic "don't listen" comment is totally baseless. X amount of people died because y amount of people killed them. Papers and lectures didn't kill them. In general I would doubt that US soldiers wonder around the streets looking to kill people. Does it make it right that we are intervening in soviergn countries affairs? Personally no it doesn't we should leave peoples busniess to themselves. But to blame the worlds problems on US policy is putting a blanket over a river. Is it US foriegn policy that caused the Isreali's to invade Lebanon. Was it US foriegn policy that caused communisum? That caused the kymer rouge? Don't get me wrong the US polictal engine is self servering not even for it's own country but personal interests. Next point...Why in the begining is MG an artist for writing how he feels and that we shouldn't listen if we dont approve. but then at the end here you saying that people should be writing about specific ideas on a global scale. To me that seems like they would then be robots instead of artists. If an "artist" doesn't feel motivated by political issues but he writes about them wouldn't that undermind the whole idea? back to the song: The music is really really nice and chorus is cool pushing the boundries of being a poppy cliche while stilling being catchy and thoughful. I love the acoutic approach he's taking. The rest of the lyrics are over the top politcal rhetoric. So bold and direct, it's written itself right out of current event clippings. It's not art it's cut and paste. It's not artistic it sounds like some "under the influence" college kids whining outside class. i never blamed all the worlds problems on the US, it was merely an example of one sort of problem occurring today, i never said don't listen to Matt, i think everyone should to be quite honest, what i said was if you don't like it, fine but don't be angry for him switching gears and not making beautiful midnight II. And for the record, if you don't realize that the majority of violent conflict of the last 50 years are not to blame on US administrations and the power structure of the corporate class existing in the US, then you are seriously misinformed. I'm not talking about your average US citizen or soldier, i'm talking about the people who act without the consent of the majority of the population. Don't confuse the government with the people. I do think more people should write socially concious music, becausei feel it's important. I'm not going to blast people that don't or say that they aren't artists, that's totally unfair, Wilco and Jeff Buckley (RIP) are perhaps two of my favourite artists and they have nto released anythign overtly political. The context in which i was referring to Matt as an artist is that he made a decision to change his art and didn't go back to what sells because it wasn't as well recieved, and that he is very impassioned about what he is doing. On this point: If an "artist" doesn't feel motivated by political issues but he writes about them wouldn't that undermind the whole idea? i agree wholeheartedly, don't write about what you don't get,understand, know or feel passionate about. But that said, i think some people may shy away from opening their mouths and raising questions because they don't want to make trouble, and also some may have no idea what they are talking about and use it to sell records (sometimes I wonder about Chris Martin, though i think he's an excellent songwriter). Everyone doesn't have to be Rage Against the Machine, but that doesn't mean things can't be changed through music, film or an other artistic medium people choose to express themselves with. As this isn't a foreign policy forum, i will not delve into the kind of problems i discussed earlier.
  13. yes thank u. i am sick of hearing people trashing bush. its getting really old. i am not a fan of politics, so i really dont like how this is set up. i liked songs from the band. like the rock ones they had. that dont have anything to do with politics. i really like this new sound, just not the lyircs. at all. you are better than this matt, expand, dont keep going off what everyone, including yourslef have already done, maybe not in song, but its old that is why Matt is an artist and other people are just musicians, or bands or groups,i guess if you don't like it don't listen, matt's gonna write whatever suits him, whether anyone likes it or not, as far as being a fan or politics, i don't like to wake up either and hear that x amount people have died because of US foreign policy, but thats whats going on, ignoring it makes us part of the problem, to be honest, and i'm gonna go a little off topic, most arists who "go political" never really seem to gain fans because of their views, sometimes, but rarely do they sell more records because of it, saying anything important is always a risk, which is awful i think, there should be more artists that write with global issues in mind, and i don't see how writing rock songs like the band is going off and expanding, and most artists don't write political songs, most artists write love songs to tell you the truth, with the exception of bob dylan, steve earle, rage, system, nofx and a couple others, few artists have written a lot of politically influenced work lately Selina hit it right on the mark
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