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  1. Given, I've only done a quick skim through recent entries, but did anyone get the Bala setlist? It occurred to me during the show to write it down, but for some reason I didn't.
  2. I loved Eternal Sunshine...but the only movie I went back to the teater to see twice this year was Napoleon Dynamite. I'm not sure what that means.
  3. I kind of really want to see this movie, but seeing how thin Christian Bale looked in the previews, I'm not sure I really want to watch him for any sort of extended period of time.
  4. "Can't Get Shot" is definitely teh awesome.
  5. I feel like swooning everytime I see them on TV - perhaps a bit of a crush - but they make a great TV duo
  6. You could see them smirking as they kept playing long after Ashlee left the stage - you could tell the lead guitarist was thinking "I never have to play on this ridiculous pink guitar again...."
  7. "Learn from the Druid" - 7L and Esoteric damn, that was hard.
  8. I didn't know there were two versions! Oh man...now I feel the terrible compulsion to have both. yes, I am weird. yeah...i didn't either for a long time...so you're not alone in that boat. Are the differences that noticeable? Is there thunder in both of them? You gotta have the thunder, man.
  9. Ok, so at least I'm not completely crazy in hearing some similarity.
  10. Godspeed You! Black Emporer is a Canadian (I think Montreal-based) instrumental tentet. There music is bizarre and oddly appropriate on every occasion - it's sometimes spooky, sometimes fun. Always complex and pretty riveting to listen to. Matt metioned them in an interview once, I think.
  11. Bob Mould, VHS or Beta, Kevin Devine, and sElfself are all artists to check out. Good luck!
  12. I know Matt is a big Pete Townshend fan - Double Life and Ex-Pats, among others. I would wager a little Godspeed You Black Emporer came into play during Avelanche. He references Judas Priest on Underdogs (although the music doesn't necessarily betray this interest). It was metioned before that he pulled WLRRR's title from a Velvet Underground album. Empty Road is Johnny Cash-ish. What other influences do you hear in his music - early or current? Anyone know where his early folk-singer singing style was pulled from?
  13. I never thought so, either, but then when my friend mentioned it I had to start thinking about it. Because while the subject matter is different, I can see how the sound could be the same.
  14. '00 in Asbury Park, NJ. If you see a pic of Matt Crowd surfing with a drink in his hand, that was the show.
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