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  1. I think it's time for a change for them... I mean the last album was good, but Steve seems to be phasing out anyways and I think they'll manage. As for the Matthew Good solo comment, I don't think Matt Good was all that good solo until maybe Hospital Music and even then I think he still has some work to do. So I guess my point is cut Steve some slack he'll do some work find his own way and he might release an amazing solo album at some point, but I don't expect it on the first or even second try.
  2. It's a good album... glad to hear a new version of Agoraphobe on there. However, I think that the problem with this album is that we have heard all these songs several times before. Like Chop Chop I first heard live back in 2004 when I/O was released, and the other songs have been myspaced many times too...
  3. The Conservatives aren't the only ones responsible for that debt. The debt is Pierre Trudeau's legacy. Not all socialists are fiscally irresponsible either. I am not an NDP supporter as well. But a GST cut saves you a dollar here a dollar there if you spend enough. It will help Alberta who has no PST though. However, cutting the Income Tax will save people more. A cut of a percent will save people more every year, when the Liberals were kicked out it was what they were doing slowly. When the Tories first lowered the GST, they raised the income tax, which costs people in the long run. It's a fa
  4. The Good, The Band & The Queen's self-titled was my favourite album of the year.
  5. I just have to ask, how is Matt Good a bad representative of Canada if Canada does not condone Capital Punishment?
  6. High Fidelity? It's good, similar to the movie, but Hornby definitely crafts it together well.
  7. Just finished High Fidelity, now reading "Secrets from The Vinyl Cafe"...
  8. Season 3 was okay, but nothing special, this season is shaping out to be better.
  9. I like the new one, please don't change it.
  10. Disagree. I quite enjoyed the Survivor Man episode where Michael goes off into the bush and he ends up mentoring Jim a little bit. Jim seems to be the one that Michael always wanted to mentor, but Ryan came along and Jim was disinterested, but now that it's clear Jim will be in Scranton for a long time, he's a lot more willing to listen. Though I did enjoy the part where they showed Michael and Jim being a bit similar when they were at the same points in their career. Anyways, the season's pretty good so far. I am glad they are back to half hour episodes though, because that's where the writer
  11. Great movie, I can't wait for this to come out on DVD. SPOILER (Highlight to View) When Landy has the airport page Bourne at the airport "Gilberto Di Pento your party is waiting for you" is great stuff. The real only let down for me was the car chase scene, and that's only because the Moscow one was 5 minutes long and the New York one was just a tad short. I can also see how people think this movie was a little political too. I hope they do a fourth as well, I don't think the makers quite finished this series yet. The ending was not quite an ending because they left it open for
  12. I know, it was a good movie though.
  13. Now Reading: "I, Robot" by Isaac Asmiov
  14. Now Reading: Truman Capote - "In Cold Blood"
  15. So, it appears the Odds are back minus Steven Drake, hence the new name "The New Odds", apparently a new album is in the works, the first in eleven years. http://www.oddstp.com/ Some videos of them playing are in the news section.
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