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  1. I wasn't too hyped before, but 3/4 of the way in, i'm finding this pretty fantastic. How could you not like Zero Orchestra? Man
  2. I got in ;) not sure who I'm going to go with, pm me if you're interested in an extra ticket
  3. The next Massey Hall show will be #21 I believe
  4. Prime Time Deliverance (full band) The Inescapable Us Hello Time Bomb, Load Me Up and maybe even Apparitions phased out.
  5. Can't find this anywhere. Anyone wanna upload?
  6. Advertisers and Linkin Park need air wave time too!
  7. It'll definitely be his best solo album closer
  8. Can't wait to hear Empty's Theme Park. I agree about the chorus on the first version but the intro and outro on the newer demo was way better
  9. For some crazy reason Chomsky ended up on this guy's show: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=kSXFX8bM6s8 (around the 4:20 mark) Of course as soon as Chomsky is off the air he starts his paranoid rant, claiming he's an agent of the NWO and using "group think" and all that (Part 5)
  10. I don't know any Liberal or NDP supporters against the coalition either, which is why i'm scratching my head when I read polls saying the Conservatives are close to the 50% margin if an election were held. Either it's the Dion factor, or the Conservative spin machine has been successful in swaying people that don't follow politics and actually think that this is some sort of coup.
  11. Because free-market neo-liberalism has done so much for so many. Take case studies from nations that were force fed (via internal or external forces) neo-liberal reforms - like most of Latin America during the 1980s and compare them to when they broke away from such reforms. Or just look at places like Norway or Sweden and how terrible things are going for their 'big government' economic policies. The "moderate" public actually support most of the NDP policies. Also, let me guess, when you say socialism is a failed economic system, you're referring to the Soviet Union, right?
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