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  1. London Setlist: the first 4 are in the right order, as is the encore, but it's a bit muddy in the middle) Nights Like Tonight Avalanche Boy Who Could Explode Load Me Up Great Whales of the Sea Hello Time Bomb Volcanoes Us Remains Impossible Born Losers It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man Apparitions Weapon Giant Last Parade Empty's Theme Park There was a little banter, but I couldn't make most of it out. The crowd was filled with the typical people screaming "whoooooo' at every quiet opportunity, so maybe that's why he wasn't as chatty. Also this one woman in a purple mini dress kept running up to the front of the stage and taking pictures, yelling something at matt, and asking the people in the front row to take a picture of her in front of him. It was really irritating and I'm surprised he didn't say anything. Other than that, it was solid show.
  2. it was an amazing show =) i wasn't really sold on auf der mar (her sporatic jerky dance movements were at least entertaining) and i missed limblifter. here's the setlist, i've probably got it somewhat jumbled though. i was really hoping for 21st century, workers or pledge of allegiance, but he seemed to be in a really good mood and the show was great. blue skies over badlands giant weapon alert status red north american for life ->brief interlude w/ flashcards (has he been doing this at all the shows?) put out your lights poor man's grey little terror the rat who would be king the future is x-rated fell in love with a bad idea hello time bomb apparitions load me up/carmelina it's been a while since i was your man
  3. i just disliked the venue because i'm rather short and everytime i've been there i've been shoved up against a wall, or behind a poll, unable to see. last night's muse show included. on the good side however, they had no problem with anyone who brought a digital camera in, to anyone who is interested. anyone else excited about the 'no set list' thing mg posted on his site ? =)
  4. it's on wharncliffe road near riverside. i've seen matt play at both places and much prefer centennial hall. the drink is pretty much a dump, and i'd get there early because it has a bit of a weird layout and you don't want to be standing behind a pole at the back =)
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