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  1. And I'm sure I won't be the first to point out that Marvin was the inspiration for the title of the song Paranoid Android by Radiohead. I dunno if they actually use that term in the movie but it's definitely in the book. I'm looking forward to the movie.
  2. yeah, the Hoggesey did have some good songs, but there were some on there that i always skip through. Maybe half the cd was good, half of what's left is decent, and the last ones i just don't like. Nothing in comparison to the other two albums.
  3. Their last album wasn't so great (although I did like the 2001 theme cover) but the first two were amazing! Zeros!
  4. Hahahaha, well after all this, I go out of pure bordeom to Tower, and lo and behold, what's there? Avalanche. Oh well, at least I saved 8 bucks ordering it over the internet. I'll probably get White Light online too at some point.
  5. Order is complete. I got Avalanche (new for 9.98) and Raygun (new for 5.38). Gooooooood times. Thanks again everyone. Oh yeah, and I've already go Beautiful Midnight and Underdogs. I'm still trying to find a Canadian copy of Beautiful Midnight though cause the US version is missing a few songs. They're replaced by Deep 6ix, Apparitions, annnndddd.... something else that I can't think of off the top of my head. I'm sure you already know though.
  6. Ok, it's lookin like Avalanche is the winner. It's cheaper anyways so i can cram on one more cheap cd that way. Thanks for the advice everyone. This wouldn't be such a hassle if they would just stock these damn cds down in das states in the first place.
  7. That Matt was touring the US. What nonsense, huh? It was horrible though cause I'm going to Spain for three months and he was going to be right in my area in the middle of my absence. I'm already going to miss Queens of the Stoneage and likely the Mars Volta. But then later in my dream I managed to see him play anyways and he was doing Talking Heads covers. So I just thought I'd share my madness.
  8. Cause I'm po. Actually I've got an amazon gift certificate (I posted earlier about trying to get At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say) so I could get them both, but then I wouldn't have money left to get the live Red Elvises cd, if I may be so bold as to throw out an endorsement to a sexually crazed russian surf rock n' roll band you probably have never heard. I'm really tempted to get White Light just after reading through the lyrics. I think We're So Heavy is one of my favorite songs lyrically. I just hope hearing the actual song doesn't ruin it for me.
  9. I haven't heard anything off of either except Weapon and It's Been A While Since I was Your Man (and I preferred Weapon over the two) and I'm not into the whole downloading music thing. What are the general tones of the albums? Are the comparable to any of the MGB records? What do you all think? I'm gonna get one of the two.
  10. I have an amazon.com gift certificate that doesn't work at amazon.ca, but the book at the US store is 101 bucks as opposed to the canadian store where it's only 15 canadian dollars (or 12 us) I just thought I'd complain a little.
  11. I can't believe that the same femenists that say abortion is a woman's right to chooses (which I don't exactly agree with but to specific points that I won't get into here) are now saying that a woman can't choose to use her body to get a point across in a way that is known to work. Hypocracy.
  12. whoa! I was on American Idol right then too! We're totally the same person or something! w00t!
  13. This penguin is driving down the road when suddenly he hears a loud POP and a flapping sound. He pulls his car into a garage and the mechanic say it'll take about an hour before the car is done. So since it's a hot summer day, the penguin decides to go down the street and get some ice cream. While he's eating it on the way back to the garage it's melting and he's getting vanilla ice cream all over his fur and his beak. When he walks into the garage to find out what was wrong with the car, the mechanic says "Well, it looks like you blew a seal", and the penguin says "Oh no, its just vanilla ice cream."
  14. Was the original poster for this being serious? Trapt? Lyrically emotional? Lyrically trite.
  15. Damn, I caved in and listened to the widow again. The new album has 5 tracks with different sections in each one that are the different songs. But the whole thing flows together as one long song. http://www.thecomatorium.com/board/index.php?showtopic=26110
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