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  1. I really appreciate your help guys!!! Thanks again!!!
  2. LOL!!! I used to feel that way all the time when I lived in Winnipeg!
  3. Hey guys...sorry if this has been brought up but I have to run to work right away and don't have time to dig through the threads. Does anyone know when Matt is supposed to hit the stage tomorrow or how I can find out?? I won't get there until 5 so I don't want to buy tix if I'm going to miss him. Thanks for you help in advance!!
  4. Just to throw my two cents in...pearanoid, I agree 100% with what you are saying. In a perfect world, people wouldn't go onto a MG message board and say shit against Matt Good. I am all for people having there own opinion and everyone can feel free to hate his music but I am sick of looking for some info or just wanting to chat about his music and having to deal with all this crap. Its just totally unneccesary and immature. I think people can't do it in real life so they choose to do it where no one knows who they really are (some exceptions of course) and so they can say that they pissed him off. However, I also believe that Matt just needs to chill the frick out. By responding, he's just making it worse and making himself look like a hypocrite and an ass. I understand that he's had death threats and stuff and that is so not cool but the authorities should be handling that, not him over the internet. Its not going to solve anything. I used to be one of the people that would just follow him blindly but I don't anymore. I love his music, agree with most of his politics (not because he said it but b/c it is what I think) and consider myself to be a huge fan. But I still agree that he did not handle these situations (which,in reality, are stupid that they started anyway) properly. But damn, he better record another album!
  5. As much as I love WWWHR, Avalanche has been my favourite from Day 1. There is just something about it that gets me! WWWHR is a very close second though.
  6. Avalanche...I also love AOB...
  7. I nulled because I listen to different stuff depending on my mood. MGB tends to be good for angry, MG for sad - well Avalanche anyway. White Light is more of an angry album.
  8. Avalanche because some of the lyrics actually reflected my life.
  9. Longer songs just mean more to enjoy. This is my favourite album.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he's given up on videos all together. Nor would I blame him.
  11. Well, in my opinion it was not even close to a let down but I'm a bit obsessed!
  12. WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I have been waiting for season 4 to start for AGES. Well, since the last episode of season 3 anyway. I'm going to watch the last episode again today (my bf rules for always buying the seasons on DVD for me)right before it starts. I'm so pumped! Anyone else?
  13. Harry Potter hands down - I didn't even look at the rest of the choices! ha ha But I'm looking forward to lots of them - Sin City looks relatively interesting, Narnia will be really cool, Elektra (I love Jennifer Garner, Star Wars and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  14. I love Indiana Jones. I remember that I never used to like Raiders of the Lost Arc - I think I thought it was boring. But my boyfriend and I watched it when we were home for Christmas and it is so much better!!! I think part of it is that I understood it alot more and there were parts that I totally didn't remember.
  15. I should be at the gym right now doing weights but I am much too depressed to go. That is my problem - I find any and every excuse. Or I just don't go. My friend and I have started training for a 10k run in the middle of April that we are doing no matter what though. Its kinda fun!
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