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  1. put it in the NF store please ;) quickly! before i lose interest!
  2. but you've already got a designer!
  3. i could prolly pull off a song, if needs be. but i'd prolly be a bigger help doing graphic design. i call album cover.
  4. asmodi

    Vancouver Show

    dear nf, ticketmaster claims there are still tickets left for the Thursday show. but, for some reason, i am not allowed to have them. ticketmaster is LUCKY that violent rampages are not possible in digital form. FURY
  5. you know, i am listening to CFOX right now, it's 10:08 PM, and i don't hear any MG :/ UPDATE: the opposite of MG - nickelback - is playing. i hate you.
  6. someone please record it :3 (or the commentary, at least)
  7. yeah i caught Anti-Pop on muchmusic in 2002, maybe 2001, and downloaded it along with Carmelina. that sat on my playlist for a loooong time. eventually i decided to get more Matt Good since those two songs seemed to last me so long. then Weapon came out, and i was 100% hooked.
  8. "And Fated isn't a b-side" Lo-Fi *B-Sides*
  9. Annabelle, Black Helicopter is awesome too though.
  10. The Who - Baba O'Riley Talk Talk - New Grass Billy Bragg - Tank Park Salute Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue New Order - Temptation Pixies - Distance Equals Rate Times Time Wilco - Ashes of American Flags The Replacements - Bastards of Young Christine Fellows - Migrations Bob Dylan -I'll Keep It With Mine
  11. there are some not-so-subtle song references. he uses his stories as elements in his songs, whether a line or two, or the entirety of the story. that said, some of the best shit i've ever read.
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