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  1. It's too bad this forum has slowed down. It used to be "bumpin." Thanks for the continued work, Anton! Keep it up, the new format is a beaut.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRANDON!!! you're growing up so fast. we're only 10 years apart now!

    awwwwwww. :(

  3. Now do you fully understand your avatar?
  4. I'm glad you bumped an old thread for one post. You're also a bad child.
  5. The banner reminds me of this;
  6. I figured I'd post something rather than lurk.
  7. Hardly. What's worse, blowing an early 3-0 lead or blowing a 2-1 lead? I suppose the difference is of timing. 3-0 in the beginning means there's still 57 minutes to get back in, where as the Flames blew the lead with 9 seconds left, however; Calgary isn't in a shit storm by any means. Will they win tomorrow? I doubt it, but I don't for see it being a blow out for the Sharks.
  8. The moral of the story is; shut up. YES!
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