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  1. Yeah, the only reason I got interested in Matt Good was because I borrowed Beautiful Midnight from the library. And my back of it says There are some things better said with the lights out as well, but the library copy simply says Hello Time Bomb.
  2. I bought the Limblifter album awhile ago and while listening to it I happened to look through the little hole in the centre of the album. I noticed a small picture , so I decided to try to take the back off to see what it was. I gave up afterwhile but then realized I could see it if I just held it up to the light. It was a Lord Of The Rings type picture with the song titles in the place of names. Has anyone else noticed this or other cd's? The only other thing i've seen like this is Weezer's Pinkerton, but it's just a map and a little blurb about the ship the album's named after.
  3. I thought I saw that exact same bunny on a flash somewhere, although I really doubt I could find it again. It looked extremely similar at least.
  4. Akarik


    Well, it is much easier.
  5. Insober, while your email is VERY much appreciated, Saturnine has made you, unfortunately, obsolete. Good day. I think i've got almost all of the stuff now, so if YOU need anything, ,feel free to ask. PSS: My inbox is only 8% full.
  6. I'm going to go with Pony Boy, Birds Don't Fly Straight, Push, The Ocean and Whispering in the Dark. But all of the stuff is amazing. And why did Pony Boy not make it onto AoB? In my opinion it's better then a couple of other songs. Was it a technical reason, Matt simply didn't like it, there were already enough songs that sounded like it or what?
  7. Perhaps everyone here is simply not listening to the right Christian music?
  8. True, but it's the excitment of the hunt, of emailing people and finding stuff like that, but on your own. But that's just my opinion, and right now, I don't even care anymore.
  9. Well, Saturine's link is absolutely incredible. But it sure took some of the fun out of collecting the songs. But wow, that is awesome.
  10. You have to register!? That would of been nice to know back when I kept my stuff on the computer, now it's all on my ipod and i'm not putting it back on.
  11. I've got the new upgrade thing with 250 mb and 10mb for attachments. Wouldn't it be easier on Messenger? I'm on now.
  12. Hotmail hack? I've never heard of anything like that. Explain.
  13. I'll take Dancing Invisible and Last Poet's Poem off your hands, if you don't mind. And if it's a good copy of Entresol, that would be appreciated as well. I am getting pretty close to getting all the Pre-MGB stuff, or at least whats on the NF lyrics page. Almost forgot my email. c_zamt@hotmail.com I've deleted quite a bit of my stuff off the computer, but i've got Close, If Bird's Don't Fly Straight, South of Summer, Whispering in the Dark, and Message to God if anyone wants them.
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