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  1. That's awesome. I thought the same thing was I was listening to it. The original score for Due South by Jay Semko is a staple on my itunes. "Cabin Music" in particular comes ot mind. At any rate, I really love this track.
  2. LOL! I actually giggled when they said that. Yeah, some parts are totally silly and trite. Oh well.
  3. I love both versions. Right now I'm on the live version kick because it's fresh. I've had the Empty's demo for over a year. I was re-energized by the song when I heard the second demo, and now again by the live. The live and album versions are totally different, but I appreciate them both the same:)
  4. I've just returned from a midnight screening on IMAX 3D. I thought it was a very beautiful film visually. The colours are amazing, and the epic grandeur and scope of the shots really took you to Pandora. Cameron is a master of action sequences. Unlike Transformers, which I felt was a jumbled mess most of the time, each shot in this film is clear, and keeps you in the battles rather than forcing you to try and decipher what is going on. Most of the story is very predictable. It certainly isn't groundbreaking story-wise, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's a feast for the eyes, and awesome fun for anyone that enjoys science fiction and fantasy stories. I do believe it's the most "epic" film ever made. I'll wait for more discussion once some other folks have seen it. If you're on the fence, the visuals alone are worth the $15 to see it in 3D. It's incredibly immersive and fun to watch. Edit: 3AM typos. I probably missed a few more. Oh well;D Edit again: Just a note on the IMAX version: it doesn't take up the entire screen. It's a "letterboxed" IMAX.
  5. *sigh* No Empty's. I was really hoping for a high quality recording. Oh well. I'll still watch it of course:)
  6. Just throwing this out there, but if you need the song to tie into the theme of "Hospital Music" why can't it be the angry, fever-driven rants of someone lying in a field hospital?
  7. I dunno....I think the word fans ought to be emphasized as "fans." ;)
  8. I seriously hope Empty's Theme Park makes the setlist for this show. We need a high quality recording of the live version of this tune so we can capture the epic awesome.
  9. Random question: Can anyone tell me the names of the musicians? For example, I know Blake is the drummer, but who are the other two? Thanks kindly.
  10. Honestly? A little piece of my heart just broke reading that story. ;) And I second Finboy's offer of aid. PM if you need anyhing. Edit: typos in the morning! woot!
  11. I noticed this last summer/fall. I wonder if his cheeks are sore after smiling so much.
  12. I just think it's funny that fans of a man who is constantly in the media and on his blog about his right to have an opinion are apparently not allowed to voice their own. I have seen Matt play over fifty times. Some of the shows have left me feeling euphoric, with goosebumps on my arms as I leave the venue vibrating with excitement. Others haven't been so great, but I still enjoy them enough to purchase tickets to the next show that comes around. I also buy multiple copies of albums and tour swag. If that isn't evidence of support, I don't know what is. Like everyone has been saying, we have "dream" set lists. Some of us would happily pay in excess of $100 to hear that type of show. Some wouldn't. However, I said it before when he played Virgin Fest and I was dissapointed with the set list: I had an opinion, and if I can't voice that opinion in this forum with fellow fans that I would hope understand, where can I? Just because you don't agree with what I have to say doesn't mean I need to "shut up" about it. We all visit this place to chat about Matt's music, the shows, collecting merch, and the entire experience as fans. I can agree that some of the earlier posts in this thread were excessively bitter, but if you like Director X, and his movies A, B, and C....but you are dissapointed with movie D, do you have to keep your mouth shut over it? The tour is what it is. These guys sound great together, and I hope they can continue to work together in the future and further experiment with the sound. They are working hard and not everyone can be satisfied. That doesn't mean we cant discuss and properly "review" the show. Good or bad.
  13. This is true. My brother attended the first Calgary show with me, and afterwards he said he was lucky to have heard Empty's Theme Park. Not only is it his favorite Vancouver track, but the live arrangement is so different and unique. Even if he does play it again, it may not ever sound the same.
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