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  1. I'm not seeing anything Matt related when searching Vancouver, so I'm guessing it's down for Shoutcast as well.
  2. So long story short. My house was robber last week and my autographed MGB Kappa jersey was stolen. I think I paid around $80 for the shirt, then had the entire band sign it back in 2000. Does anyone have any idea what I can claim the value as for insurance? Do insurance companies even care about value other than material? In any case, my signed poster from the tour is still here. Sucks but hey, what can ya do! I loved that jersey though...
  3. The interviewer is a fan of Matt's. We went to the show in Montreal together. As well I had read about the car a while back (M coupe) so I told her to ask him about it. The interviewer does a lot of auto journalism so it's topical for her.
  4. Found this while poking around: http://ca.askmen.com/toys/interview_250/25..._interview.html Quick and interesting.
  5. ChaseMe


    HELL YA! e-mail me, james@everythingsucks I have an FTP with unlimited bandwidth.
  6. ya I'm working on it hard...figured I should just earn it!
  7. umbrellaless or whateve it's called!
  8. ChaseMe


    e-mail me if you really want some help "looking" ! james@everythingsucks.ca
  9. If it's free I'm not complaining, this $NF on the other had is a pain but for the sake of the site I understand why with bandwidth limitations.
  10. Would anyone be willing on hooking me up with this? I don't have enough $NF for it! james@everythingsucks.ca
  11. What's up with the lack of Montreal AGAIN. Show gets cancelled and nothing even close to us to make up for it. Kingston doesn't count since it's $35 to get in and $40 to drive to and from...man what a scam.
  12. Someone needs to add this to the gallery, I didn't see one decent quality pic in the whole concert section.
  13. I didn't get this pic of the girls camera I went with till today but here's a pic I snapped at the St. Adele show a few weeks back. I'd do a right-click, save as since it's 1mb. Full Sized Pic
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