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  1. Gah, I really like that song too... lol But yeah, now that i look for it it sounds a lot alike... Cheers.
  2. An American friend of mine tells me how awesome Ron is all the god damn time... I agree with a lot of his points... but the ones that have already been pointed out here scare the hell out of me... But at least he has the balls to actually say something about his platform. I must admit that as a Canadian his massive nationalistic views are a bit creepy... I almost expect him to erect a wall and forbid any American from ever leaving... Anyone ever seen frisky dingo? The 'spic span' anyone? Ron Paul will make it happen... lol On a side note and related to my insane American friend. Can
  3. waterloo wins! the crowd was great.. again except for the dude that requested freebird.. I was going to go to Hamilton but i ran out of money and am supposed to pack for moving to Ottawa next week ;)
  4. I know he was the first one.. but he is soooo damn beautiful. Oh and of course: Dexter (Michael C. Hall) Cheers! -Dan
  5. I forgot to post before the show so any boarders planning on going could meet up ;) ah well. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was awesome!
  6. How could you see Matt seven times like the writer states and never see him joke in between songs? Did he call all of us cheering fans drunks? Did he also after calling us drunks admit in the same article he passed out from drinking too much? I love people so much some days. I wonder who the writer thinks takes him seriously in the least.. poor guy.
  7. Daedalus


    Was a very good show, one of the best I've ever seen. The banter was probably the most excited and hilarious I've ever seen from Matt. For the most part the audience, beside the usual "play [random song]", was well behaved. (although someone requested 'freebird', 'some fucking hip', and 'ac/dc') I was gonna try a set list but then i remembered my memory has gone straight to hell... my goodness this is strange.. i blame the medication.. at any rate he played Prime time deliverance and odette which he didn't at St Catherine's or Guelph. Man I was pumped to hear prime time live for the fi
  8. Was a great show. He played the fine art of falling apart to end out the encore after pledge. So you only missed the one song, all be it a ridiculously awesome song. I was way in the back this show, but next week I'll be right up close for the waterloo show and so so for the Brock one. ;) Cheers.
  9. seems my brother now wants the extra, family first as they say. Cheers everyone!
  10. I spent 6 pounds which charged slightly over 12 dollars to my credit card.
  11. obviously use safe internet practice to avoid spy ware and the like. I simply found the man's claims humorous and for the most part widely unfounded. Although if your children are clicking on everything they can randomly, porn would be the least of your concerns.
  12. After one listen through I really enjoyed it. Hope everyone thinks its at least worth whatever they spent ;)
  13. I was watching television, the program escapes me... at any rate there was a man advocating the evils of the internet to some rather crazy extremes. Corrupting our kids and so forth. He went so far as to say that no child anywhere should ever have any access to the internet without thorough supervision at all times because of the concerns of being shown something immoral. His assertions stick with me despite his total idiocy even though I don't remember what I was watching or who he was. He claimed that even from the most child friendly site, say one for their favorite program, the child b
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