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  1. Gah, I really like that song too... lol But yeah, now that i look for it it sounds a lot alike... Cheers.
  2. An American friend of mine tells me how awesome Ron is all the god damn time... I agree with a lot of his points... but the ones that have already been pointed out here scare the hell out of me... But at least he has the balls to actually say something about his platform. I must admit that as a Canadian his massive nationalistic views are a bit creepy... I almost expect him to erect a wall and forbid any American from ever leaving... Anyone ever seen frisky dingo? The 'spic span' anyone? Ron Paul will make it happen... lol On a side note and related to my insane American friend. Can someone explain to me why so many people south of the border are so against public health care? I simply cant understand the arrogance and greed of some people who refuse to want to help anyone but themselves.. Is the only reason they oppose socialized medicine because no one trusts the government worth shit? Mind you this same friend thinks the moon is hollow because its a space ship, that 9/11 was done by bush, that JFK is still alive, and that global warming is a crock designed to crush capitalism... Perhaps my frustration at his political ideas are just a waste of time as it is entirely likely he is beyond saving... I think dale from king of the hill was based on him to be honest...
  3. waterloo wins! the crowd was great.. again except for the dude that requested freebird.. I was going to go to Hamilton but i ran out of money and am supposed to pack for moving to Ottawa next week ;)
  4. I know he was the first one.. but he is soooo damn beautiful. Oh and of course: Dexter (Michael C. Hall) Cheers! -Dan
  5. Daedalus


    I forgot to post before the show so any boarders planning on going could meet up ;) ah well. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was awesome!
  6. How could you see Matt seven times like the writer states and never see him joke in between songs? Did he call all of us cheering fans drunks? Did he also after calling us drunks admit in the same article he passed out from drinking too much? I love people so much some days. I wonder who the writer thinks takes him seriously in the least.. poor guy.
  7. Daedalus


    Was a very good show, one of the best I've ever seen. The banter was probably the most excited and hilarious I've ever seen from Matt. For the most part the audience, beside the usual "play [random song]", was well behaved. (although someone requested 'freebird', 'some fucking hip', and 'ac/dc') I was gonna try a set list but then i remembered my memory has gone straight to hell... my goodness this is strange.. i blame the medication.. at any rate he played Prime time deliverance and odette which he didn't at St Catherine's or Guelph. Man I was pumped to hear prime time live for the first time. Gone to so many shows in which it was played the previous night according to you fools! ;) Highlights include: -Matt taking a bathroom break where a very confused looking Dale came out to keep us occupied about 4 songs in -A song about kinder surprise -much banter about kinder surprise and vicks vapo-rub -much more hilarious banter -all the singing which he was in top vocal form for I would easily say it was the best of the 3 shows I went to this year, most of that may be because at this one i was front rowish and the others i was not.. Very tired.. and evidently my medication kicked in as i should be able to remember the set list! Cheers! -Dan
  8. Was a great show. He played the fine art of falling apart to end out the encore after pledge. So you only missed the one song, all be it a ridiculously awesome song. I was way in the back this show, but next week I'll be right up close for the waterloo show and so so for the Brock one. ;) Cheers.
  9. seems my brother now wants the extra, family first as they say. Cheers everyone!
  10. I spent 6 pounds which charged slightly over 12 dollars to my credit card.
  11. obviously use safe internet practice to avoid spy ware and the like. I simply found the man's claims humorous and for the most part widely unfounded. Although if your children are clicking on everything they can randomly, porn would be the least of your concerns.
  12. After one listen through I really enjoyed it. Hope everyone thinks its at least worth whatever they spent ;)
  13. I was watching television, the program escapes me... at any rate there was a man advocating the evils of the internet to some rather crazy extremes. Corrupting our kids and so forth. He went so far as to say that no child anywhere should ever have any access to the internet without thorough supervision at all times because of the concerns of being shown something immoral. His assertions stick with me despite his total idiocy even though I don't remember what I was watching or who he was. He claimed that even from the most child friendly site, say one for their favorite program, the child by means of random link clicking can end up on an adult site and hence very adult material without any typing or intentional motivation required. That at least was the just of his argument. Lets stay away from the debate over the man's sanity for a moment. It is obviously irrational to use this as a basis for anything, but it is very hilarious to think about and of course try! I have so far not been able to get to porn by starting off on such sites as fisher price and using only the current site's provided links. But I'm sure someone somewhere can manage to link something as harmless (in theory anyway) as Barney with hard core porn! So if your bored try to turn some tree house TV into pizza with extra sausage. Cheers, -Dan
  14. Just got my download email. downloading it now. I must say that I truly hope this represents the future of media... The whole system is a marvel of simplicity and access to everyone. It sounds great by the way. more to come im sure.
  15. busy busy thanksgiving... not sure what going on now as family is all over asking about concerts.. yeah i got your pm morning, i thought i replied to it but that wouldn't e the first time i thought wrong. Cheers.
  16. Well it seems my friends are limited to going to 2 shows with me and backed out of the Guelph one. Which leaves me with one, maybe two extra tickets and no one to go with (not that i really mind going alone) The tickets are not very good but... At any rate if anyone wants to go post here or send me PM/email, etc.. Only stipulation is you either have to be able to get yourself there or are at least relatively on the way and are between Dunnville and Guelph. Also you will have to enjoy my company the entire time ;) -Cheers!
  17. Nice job on the lyrics, and great song. As for the unknowns in the lyrics... Should be 'Wore camouflage on Halloween' not 'oh' The [???] is 'Just' in the 4th verse I cant tell if its Stab in the chorus or not. I hope by the time the Ontario shows I'll be at come around he plays all of these awesome songs the rest of you get!
  18. I can't wait till the St Catherine's show, then shortly after that the waterloo one! If i have money the Hamilton one too! Really looks like a good set list. ;) Were these shows GA? The two I have tickets for are not and I'm curious what that's like as I've never seen Matt while in a chair. Anyone know if Hamilton is GA? It usually is in Hamilton place but I'm not sure for an acoustic show. -Cheers! Edit: I confused Hamilton place theater with the convention center where i saw him before.. The theater where this show is is very clearly assigned seating.. blast.
  19. I was fairly certain it was a looped recording of someone laughing maniacally, kinda mwahahaha over top of playground noise with children and the like doing what they do. Never really thought it sounded like birds. -Cheers
  20. Anyone heard of them, given them a listen? Their music is some of the most beautiful and lyrically awe inspiring you will find. A relatively young band from southern Ontario. Go buy their new album, Ongiara. I think they have myspace but I'm too tired to link it.
  21. http://www.myspace.com/princebonniebilly Check out 'strange form of life.' It is a very powerful song, quite taken by this particular folk band. Some songs are quite so so, others are brilliant. -Cheers
  22. Daedalus


    I often get a thing called sleep paralysis. I remember posting about it at some point in the past. At any rate wikipedia is your friend if you are unfamiliar with it. Anyway, this morning I got a big one which, if not terrifying, would have been really cool as I continued to dream through it. So I was in bed, totally unable to move and a bunny gremlin creature was chewing on my neck and there was blood EVERYWHERE. It then jumped up and down on my chest and it felt hard to breath. Eventually it scurried out the door and I drifted back into a dream. A few minutes later I came back into the paralysis state and the little guy was back again running around the walls and whatnot. Really kind of reminded me of the gremlin that one would see in a movie dismantling the wing of a plain. This time after a bit I woke up entirely instead of dreaming. Then i looked at my computer screen and it was a snow day!! Somewhere throughout the night I had a dream that I arrested some fat clown for some random thing, plotting to rule the world and whatnot. Shortly after I had to find my shoes in the field and I drove off in one of those "power wheels" things I was never privileged to have as a child to find them. I was then chased by a giant swarm of wasps that never bothered to sting anyone when they caught up to you while I tried to get to a cd player to play the "new" Coldplay cd I for some reason had. Would have been interesting if I actually played it to see what my head would make it sound like ;). Some other random things happened in the dream and for some reason I kept coming back to my house to remodel my room. . . ah randomness.
  23. Thanks for the advice Moonlight, it has been a real down week for me. Heh, often times I find myself thinking stupid things during weeks like this. I try very hard not to admit to myself that I'm "crazy", but you know, it's difficult at times when one sees everyone around them doing school work all happy and easily while I sit on the floor totally out of it. It is a funny feeling to have your mind not work as well as it should. I am glad I went to the doctors before it hit 0%. I came close to that basement area but sucked it up and went to a therapist. I agree totally that alternative therapies do wonders. Talking to a therapist while at the same time seeing someone else for medication is very helpful. I am lucky in that both of my doctors discuss things together. Meditation is something that lately I have not been able to do effectively, just too out of it to relax enough to get anything out of it. Diet, exercise and what not also help a ton. Of course with the problems comes a natural lack of proper diet and motivation to do anything physical. But its important to try. -Cheers!
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