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  1. Just a heads up, the Ongoing History of New Music has just released an interview with Matt. It’s only part 1 so far but I found it very insightful about the early MGB days.
  2. Mrtrufflepig might die from excitement at this point. Be safe in the front row, bud.
  3. What are the prices for the stuff?
  4. Does anyone know where to find the vid? Saw it tonight but would enjoy seeing it again.
  5. Matts going to be playing Live At Squamish along with Mother Mother, The Decemberists, Devo, etc. I'm pretty pumped.
  6. 1. Empty's Theme Park 2. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 3. Born to Kill 4. Man of Action 5. Prime Time Deliverance 6. Avalanche
  7. 1. Weapon 2. House Of Smoke And Mirrors 3. Great Whales Of The Sea 4. 99% Of Us Is Failure 5. Advertising On Police Cars 6. A Boy And His Machine Gun
  8. 1. The Fall of Man 2. We're So Heavy 3. The Fine Art of Falling Apart 4. While We Were Hunting Rabbits 5. Suburbia 6. Sort of Protest Song
  9. 1. Change Of Season 2. The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production 3. Born To Kill 4. Flight Recorder From Viking 7 5. Strange Days 6. A Boy And His Machine Gun 7. Avalanche 8. Prime Time Deliverance 9. Let's Get It On
  10. 1. 99% Of Us Is Failure 2. Hello Time Bomb 3. Advertising on Police Cars 4. Running For Home 5. Man of Action 6. The Vancouver National Anthem 7. Giant 8. Empty's Theme Park 9. The Rat Who Would Be King
  11. 1. House of Smoke and Mirrors 2. The Fine Art of Falling Apart 3. Suburbia 4. Near Fantastica 5. Flashdance II 6. Weapon 7. Tripoli 8. On Nights Like Tonight 9. Born Losers
  12. Section X 1. All Together 2. Under the Influence 3. Failing the Rorschach Test 4. Breath of A Nation Section Y 1. My Life As A Circus Clown 2. The Inescapable Us 3. Invasion 1 4. Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance
  13. 1. Apparitions, Massey, Rooms 2. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 3. A Boy and His Machine Gun (very tough) 4. Us Remains Impossible 5. Omissions of the Omen 6. Fearless 7. Man From Harold Wood 8. Born to Kill (BM) 9. Strange Days 10. Weapon
  14. It's not high up there on my list...but I said the same thing about Blue Skies Over Bad Lands, then I actually sat down and really listened to the lyrics and now I love it. I'll have to do the same thing with Odette some day.
  15. 1. Champions of Nothing 2. Let's Get it On (agree, underrated) 3. Change of Season 4. Bright End of Nowhere (another underrated one) 5. Flight Recorder From Viking 7 6. It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man 7. Invasion 1 8. Avalanche 9. Prime Time Deliverance
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