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  1. Does Donnie Darko count? You might wanna check out "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter"
  2. No opening act because most of the people there had already been there for 3 hours! I got a pretty decent spot on the balcony, but all my pictures suck, it was too foggy and my camera sucks when I don't use the flash! Rockin' show though
  3. I think they'll have a list of names and thats it but that might be too simple. Don't ask me! Printing the email's a good idea too
  4. Email says all you need is photo id
  5. For those of you who won the tickets from Matt, what time are you gonna show up at the theatre tonight?
  6. Quick note re: Tonights show, the confirmation email states that we're to arrive between 9-9:30 and states that we're only there to see the performance, so at least we don't have to sit through all that bear crap
  7. Hmm yeah I did too whats up with that?
  8. Confirmation emails are out make sure to check your junk mail! EDIT: Info about the acoustic show is on matts blog
  9. Yeah the one last year was at the music hall that would be mucho convenient
  10. There's always the show at stages in kingston too EDIT: Anyone know where the capital theatre is anyway?
  11. I updated my computer clock with internet time so I hope they aren't a minute behind or sumpin
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