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  1. thanks for the help...im on, its awesome.
  2. Thats what it sounds like....and man does it sound good.... ;)
  3. Hey guys...I've been on here and posted a few times before, but I still dont really know where this hub is or how I get it...could you fill me in? I REALLY want to get access to the awesome stuff it sounds like you can get on there!
  4. I saw him at the Kee this summer and I thought it was amazing...its an awesome venue. I would also agree, based on how his touring goes these days, that theres a good chance he'll be back there again next year if he's touring...
  5. I agree that you've GOT to see him live if you're a fan. Such a great experience. Amazing live voice too.
  6. I think it is scary to consider him being in power for 4 more years....just think about how much more he can screw things up!
  7. Ha ha, some great quotes.....the scary thing is theres a pretty much never ending supply coming from this man....the head man of the united states...man...
  8. I gotta say....I see your point.....but its not something I would complain about myself... ;)
  9. Ah I thought they were pretty good live....dunno if I'd buy the album tho...
  10. ahhh...I dunno, I think Avril at least writes her own stuff...her and her band play their own music. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan or anything, but putting her in the same category as Brittany etc is going a little far! As far as Duff goes, I wonder how many things she does are actually thought up by her? I bet almost none, as far as song lyrics, clothing design, show ideas, etc. Prob all written up by others and then her face/name is added and voila, a top seller.
  11. Ya, I agree...you can totally learn listening by yourself...I've only been playing a year and a half, totally self taught, and thats one of the first things I remember picking up on. Just play along with the song the first couple times.
  12. I'll never forget seeing 'the future is x-rated' performed live at a huge outdoor concert...it blew me away.
  13. Thats awesome...thanks for clearing that one up guys...I had just assumed it was some boxing match...leave it to Matt's lyrics to always be deeper than they appear though.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly....why keep a feature up if it is not being used for what you intended, especially when it is used for comments of that sort.
  15. So long Mrs. Smith....short but great song...
  16. I guess these kinds of articles have been happening for a long time about Matt Good and probably won't stop anytime soon.... You want to hear a funny one? My girlfriend's university newspaper (at Laurier) wrote an article after Matt performed there. Basically it said he was an asshole and washed up, and (heres the kicker), they said maybe next year they should get a more (and I quote) 'credible act next year like Alexisonfire' or someone of that sort! hahahaha.
  17. Guitar for only 1 and a half yr. Got it as a graduation present and can't put it down! In another year or so when I feel like I have a solid grasp on the guitar, I want to pick up a nice electric. Playing a 'Norman' accoustic. Hand made full wood body. I love learning anything. Play a lot of matt good, coldplay, and anything i feel like pulling up some tab on and learning!
  18. Its hilarious b/c of how little most Americans know about him! Isn't the only album the states got 'Beautiful Midnight'? and with a butchered track listing at that?
  19. The drink DID have great sound tho when he played there on the avalanche tour. If you can get right on the railing on the edge of the pit, you're in for a great show!
  20. I disagree that this is has much to do at all with the gold or multi-platinum records or any of that crap. The fact is that Matt Good doesn't make huge pushes to sell his records wherever possible so he can make the most $$ possible. He has a lot of different values than a lot, if not most, artists out there. One of his priorities is trying to make people aware of the equality issues and the politics of them out there. But I continually find it funny that this bothers so many people....
  21. Gotta respect the accoustic apparations! B) But ya...the young kids who don't know who matt good well are just happy to be at a concert and away from mommy and daddy, so they're running circles in the place...annoying!
  22. Yea, one of the songs Auf Der Maur played was in french...probably one of her better songs in my opinion as far as the music part... Im surprised there hasnt been more comments about Big City Life!! I thought that song was awesome! Can't wait to hear it on an upcoming album!
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