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    "I would eat some african cave spiders for a new car...I just draw the line at human babies"
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    The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production
  1. if somebody caught a rip of Night Orders and wouldnt mind sharing, I'd be extremely grateful.
  2. the thing I like best is the chorus.....the strumming and Matt's voice....cuz well yeah I got used to hearing Cash's barritone voice singing it....so when I hear Matt's interpretation it rocked my socks
  3. The Worker Sang


    oddly enough I was in radio shack the otherday, buying an MP3 player and Flashdance 2 was playing.
  4. THE WORKERS SING A SONG OF MASS PRODUCTION!! oh it can be done acoustically.... me and my bro did it all the time.
  5. blah.....I might be outta town for the winnipeg show. dammit
  6. well basically the standard I guess plus the workers if it ever gets played again
  7. Wicked Game - Him Across The Universe - Rufus Wainwright Dont you forget about me - Rufio Clones (we're all) - The Smashing Pumpkins Our Lips are sealed - Everclear that's about it I s'pose
  8. I seen both incarnations....MG crew is better
  9. no, I just like how it sounds more... fluent and more emotionally driven than teh album.
  10. can someone hit me up with a live version? the album dont seem to be cuttin it for me. please and thank you.
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