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  1. if somebody caught a rip of Night Orders and wouldnt mind sharing, I'd be extremely grateful.
  2. the thing I like best is the chorus.....the strumming and Matt's voice....cuz well yeah I got used to hearing Cash's barritone voice singing it....so when I hear Matt's interpretation it rocked my socks
  3. someone please send me some boots Flashdancer2@hotmail.com
  4. The Worker Sang


    oddly enough I was in radio shack the otherday, buying an MP3 player and Flashdance 2 was playing.
  5. THE WORKERS SING A SONG OF MASS PRODUCTION!! oh it can be done acoustically.... me and my bro did it all the time.
  6. blah.....I might be outta town for the winnipeg show. dammit
  7. well basically the standard I guess plus the workers if it ever gets played again
  8. Wicked Game - Him Across The Universe - Rufus Wainwright Dont you forget about me - Rufio Clones (we're all) - The Smashing Pumpkins Our Lips are sealed - Everclear that's about it I s'pose
  9. I seen both incarnations....MG crew is better
  10. no, I just like how it sounds more... fluent and more emotionally driven than teh album.
  11. can someone hit me up with a live version? the album dont seem to be cuttin it for me. please and thank you.
  12. I figured teh live solo .... from the st. catherines performance I believe in 2003 or somethin like that
  13. I noticed matt kicked off his tour and ppl dont seem to be posting the setlists.... or is it on a different part of teh site all that information goes? I havn't posted here in awhile
  14. he played three shows in winnipeg in 2003....just kept adding...the first show sold out in a couple hrs....the 2nd show was added and that sold out in a day third show was added and that took a week to sell out......I went to see 2 of the 3
  15. I think that AOB is a great album, I had no clue that the band was falling apart at the time. when I heard it I urged all my friends to go and buy this album cuz it just blew me away. Some songs were rockers and some just plain soulful and beautiful. Even tho the band at the time were angry at teh time they did put out an amazing record.
  16. I dont mind miami...I havn't seen NY....and yes I cant get over the flippin sunglasses comin off every 5 flippin seconds. CSI is pretty good. I just love how they do teh CGI rendering of how a person died...like the time some idiot was shooting off rounds in his backward and ended up nailing some lady several blocks away by accident...hilarious!
  17. I watched several episodes...it was okay.....but oh well. TNG was the best as well as DS9. but ya know..... I think it may need a break for awhile till they can come up with some good shit.
  18. hoax....crazy shit ppl can do with a camera and a computer.....for example.... did I really just pee on you? haha jk....chappelle show
  19. a drunk indian is walking thru a feild on the rez... he finds a lamp and opens it...a genie pops out genie says you get three wishes so teh indian thinks a while he says "I dont wanna be indian anymore" genie turns him into a white guy he says "I wanan be rich too, a billionaire" the genie nods and a pile of money falls outta nowhere he says "third...I dont wanna work another day in my life again" The genie turns him back into an indian
  20. I imagine we do it ourselves...by the rate of society degrading I would say we have no more than a hundred years less...unless something drastic happens then ya know...we're fucked.... I'm quite disgusted when I look at ppl when I go out to teh city and such and watch their behavoir.
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