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  1. Its been a while since I was your man.. is more of a love lost kind of song I think. I think Giant is a good one...
  2. More cause my gf was wondering... she's me personaL Matt good convert. Anyways yeah.. any romantic songs? Or is all just dark or depressing or lost love?? The closest I can think of is maybe As Long as Your Mine... suggestions?
  3. I just like to say I would cream my pants all over being a huge PJ and Matt Good fan. When PJ did their cross canada tour last year (i saw 3 shows), all I could think was that if they knew who Matt Good was he would make a totally perfect opening act.... PJ's opening act was Sleater/Kinney and they SUCKED!!.... well Wintersleep opened in NL and they were pretty good.
  4. I would also like to assert that I would love a ticket (or two) for this show.... I am still very bitter and angry that they went on sale during business hours (and proceeded to be sold out before business hours were over).
  5. Well I was at work till 5 along with the 11 other people I know who were also planning on going... so if it sold out in a couple hours still would have been little use to me ;) I miss being a student and having such a free schedule..
  6. Its at Carleton, not U of Ottawa.
  7. This is a sick joke right?? Can anyone find a contact number?? Holy crap its not (I called)! This is super BS! Having to pick up tickets in person is a tradition that should have been done away with by now. Not everyone can skip work to go wait in line for tickets.. IF your going to do that.. it should be at least done on a weekend. I'm very dissapointed now... esp after last Fall we couldn't buy tickets in Ottawa (I ended going to Kingston.. and waited in line for 4 hours to see the free show). I'd be surprised if there wasn't a second show, but I imagine the logistics of getti
  8. He's actually been to Newfoundland twice... just the second time the performance was cancelled due to weather ;)
  9. I beg to differ.... it will kill me
  10. My gf's mistake was pretty funny. Instead on "One foot in front of the other, and one foot back to counter it" She thought it was "... one foot back to Canada." he he
  11. This whole round is pure torture... 1) Agoraphobe... Oh be Joyful quite nice thoug 2) X-Rated (forcing that choice is perhaps the curelest thing ever) 3) Anti-Pop 4) Native Son 5) Man of Action (That X-Wing is bloody gold though) 6) Fall of Man 7) Born to Kill 8) Change of Season (I h8 everyone now) 9) Fated
  12. 1. Under the Influence 2. Let's get it On 3. Suburbia 4. Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 5. Symbolistic White Walls 6. Lullaby For The New World Order 7. Jenni
  13. MSteve


    Yup, I'm going down with a car full (well not my car) from Ottawa, and meeting a group from Toronto. These tickets were my anniversary gift!! Don't I have a great gf??
  14. Anyone have a couple decent pics of the show? I totally forgot my camera and Matt hasn't put any on his archive. I know one dude like filled up his memory card with pictures (even though they must have all looked pretty much the same) Cool anyways though. But yeah, I'd appreciate it thx.
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