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  1. Hey everyone, I made my NF account quite a long time ago; I was probably about 13 years old (10 years ago!). In all honesty, I may have actually used this site for a year or two, before abandoning it. However, for whatever reason, I recently got Agoraphobe stuck in my head and it facilitated the recollection of NF. I decided to use the "Forgot Your Password" feature and was surprised to see that my account was still up! Anyways, I just want to say I that really happy to see this community is still alive. I've come to appreciate a lot of different types of music, however, Matthew Good and his music have be a source of stability, in terms of my listening habits. I understand his music may not be for everyone, but I'm glad to see that it still has an impact on some! We all most definitely have our own conceptualizations of reality, based off of the unique life histories that each of us embodies. But the fact that we can find common ground on our appreciation for Matt Good's music is a testament to a certain level of connection that human beings are capable of, that transcends status/appearance/beliefs/whathaveyou. I hope that we all find ourselves trying to cultivate this level of connection with others from time to time, not just in this forum, but in our daily lives. Cheers everyone
  2. I would say no it's just usually the songs they choose as singles and for videos and shit, like one of soundgarden's best songs is Slaves & Bulldozers but its not on A-Sides the Best of Soundgarden. I just pray that Metallica and Iced Earth dont put out Best Of's and if metallica does that they stick to before 1991 none of this St.Anger bullshit.
  3. Sorry, but I couldnt fit the latest 3
  4. Sorry but I couldnt fit the 2 latest ones
  5. Just answer the damn poll, there is no point of reading this
  6. Well I was hoping to see what kind of music people like in their replies, well not really the music but the bands. So I have decided to start a new poll. "which band do you like more" anyway... personally I would choose all of the above. My reasons: Rap/Hip hop- well they live up to the stereo-type(most of the time) R&B- Holy shit this pisses me off so much. Its like high school music. She loved me and she left me but I'm still strong. The singers must be strong I have trouble breathing after listening to this. Feels like my balls were chopped off. Country/Pop/Poser Punk- <-----Just read that again and you will understand. Emo- Lets see here. The thing that gets me mad about this shit is that its allways to much. Like their lives are so bad. I'm making a million dollars but its so stressful. Suck it up you pussies. And its the same shit over and over like, "well its nice to talk to someone again it's a relief." ITS ALLWAYS A RELIEF FOR YOU PEOPLE. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE SHOT IN THE FACE AND KICKED IN THE SHINS!!! Goth- Lighten up man. Do you people ever crack a smile. And those are the opinions of a modest man.
  7. www.mgtabarchive.com www.mxtabs.net
  8. I myself play guitar and know a lot of MG/MGB songs on guitar but for people who play bass or guitar who don't how to play any MG/MGB songs and want to, should have an oppertunity. I myself can post a tonne of them. Please put your opinions, mabye the people who run NF will let us.
  9. Rock was the only non-bloody revolution. What happened to it? We went from Hendrix and Zeppelin to Dashboard Confessional and No Doubt. Matthew Good is the only person I can think of who plays rock in the 21st century. Please bring rock back. Bring back the lightning guitars back, the crowds of fans back, the concerts full of energy back. Please.
  10. If you like any of these bands you should be stabbed in the face and kicked in the shins.
  11. Dude yellow card is the kind of music that no one will remeber and that no one gives a shit about. They're just another pop band who says that everything is for the fans even though its for the money. Its bloody high school music all about love and the same shit over and over.
  12. Well, people should be able to do drugs because it is their loss if they want to be tripping out at home while everything is passing them by it is their decision. Who really cares? I don't support drugs but I am not threatening to call the cops on them. It is there choice and it doesn't effect anyone else. But thats just what I think.
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